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Playbooks® are unique and patented with the most enhanced format for successful role-play reading!

Most of the Reader's Theater materials currently available are not multi-leveled or well balanced, designed for too many readers, and can require too much preparation by the teacher. If they are "color-coded," only the name in the margin will be in color. With Playbooks®, each reader's complete dialogue text appears in a different color. Don't accept inferior imitations of our multi-leveled and color-coded reader's theater. Only Playbooks® have this patented advanced format!


Compare the difference between these 2 pages



Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 12.03.50

This page is in the patented Playbook® format
colorized dialogue text and multi-leveled roles.

This page only has the character name in the
margin in color. Student cannot quickly identify
where his or her part begins and ends.

We are the only publisher that can provide Reader's Theater with the most important features for successful reading.

Color-coded text means each reader’s dialogue text, not just the name in the margin, appear in a different color, making it easier for students to follow their character roles, quickly see in the fraction of a second where their part starts and stops and how much they will read, and easily be prepared for their next turn to speak. This also helps to create a sense of ownership and security in their role which leads to increased reading confidence and involvement.

Color does not represent the level of the role, however, so that students do not know they've been assigned an easier or harder role. Character colors are selected randomly from Playbook® to Playbook.® Colorized dialogue text is important! According to a Loyola University study, word recognition and reading comprehension improves 27% when text is presented in color compared to bold text, and 35% when presented in color compared to contrasting fonts. Only Playbooks® can present actual dialogue text in different colors while also providing multi-leveled roles in the same story. This is a patented format, and this simple difference is important and can be crucial to ultimate student success.


Easier and harder roles in the same story help students avoid stumbling in front of their peers, allowing them to read aloud with confidence and accuracy. Playbooks® multi-leveled character roles are edited using a proprietary leveled word dictionary and strict sentence structure guidelines, so students achieve ultimate success and fluency among their peers. We do not simply assess what an author has written to determine what level the text might be; we actually edit and level the roles!


Playbooks® carefully balance character roles so that all readers participate throughout the entire story, even the struggling readers! The whole idea is to build reading confidence, fluency, and participation for all readers and not just give smaller, more insignificant roles to lower-level readers. Only Playbooks® include optional reader's theater games that provide additional reinforcement of story content and allows students to really ham it up!

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Did you know?

No publisher can legally duplicate our multi-leveled and color-coded format.

So, go with the company that pioneered it!

Playbooks® helped my students have full comprehension with reading much faster and prepared them well for the standardized reading test!! They also had fun putting on mini costumes and animating the story.