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What is Reader's Theater?

Reader's theater is a method of reading a story aloud, like a play, without memorization, props, or a stage. Students are each assigned a character role and read their parts with expression, meaning and enthusiasm.
Plays inherently come with built-in strategies to help students read better. The acting out of story dialogue compels readers to work more closely with the text to interpret and project meaning into the experience.


     What is a Playbook?

Playbooks® Reader's Theater stories are unique because each character's dialogue is presented in a different color throughout the story and more importantly, the roles are written at different reading levels. Thousands of schools and programs nationwide have purchased Playbooks® and used the role-play reading technique year after year, whilepositively affecting the reading skills of millions of students.


Social Interactive Reading

Social interactive role-play reading and reading with expression are the key ingredients for successful reading enrichment in any school program. Reader's theater combines these two ingredients and is easy to implement. With the current importance on social activities, Playbooks® provide students, and families, with a legitimate reason for reading aloud with each other.