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COVID-19 Free Playbook® Story

Our Newest Playbook® Story Teaches Children About the Coronavirus, Spreading Germs, and Social Distancing

Playbooks, Inc. wants to do its part to help students during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue to build their reading fluency, comprehension, and confidence by sharing this fun and engaging role-play reading story online for FREE. Playbooks® have easier and harder roles in the same story so that students of different reading skills in the classroom, and parents and siblings at home, can each read a role and bring the story alive together with confidence. Kids will love it! Please feel free to use this in your Virtual Classrooms and share it with your students and their families and encourage them to read it together at home.

Can I Get Rid of the Flu by Giving it Away?

For students in Grades 2-6 and their families.


In a funny reverse scenario, this fictional story teaches students about the importance of not spreading germs. When Alex comes down with flu, he suddenly doesn’t feel well at lunchtime. When he starts sneezing and coughing, germs are being spread. The head germ of this flu virus, The Big C, magically comes alive and whispers to Alex and his two friends. He tries to convince them that if someone wants to get rid of the flu, they just have to give it away! Before too long, the students figure out what Big C is telling them is how to spread the flu, not how to get rid of it! Later in the story, students are given a health lesson about the Coronavirus and “Social Distancing,” which the school nurse prefers to call “Protective Distancing.” With interesting characters, funny dialogue, and some rhyming chants, this story is an engaging way to learn about the Coronavirus and everyone’s part in protecting their community. Click here for the FREE story in Flip-Book Format,