This is an exciting new resource for your teachers and students.  With your Readers Theater's Virtual All-Access Pass, your program will have Virtual, Downloadable, and Printable access to your choice of our full library of 120 titles within Grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. This virtual access comes with a customized portal and customized interfaces.


Pricing is based on certain criteria, so please call us for a quote
at 800-375-2926 Ext. 701, or you can request a quote online


Click here to watch a Quick Virtual Tour of a Custom All-Acess Pass.

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Custom Flip-Viewer Branding

The PASS includes a professionally designed custom reading interface with your graphics and logo (or you can design your own). This enhanced reading interface gives your district brand identity and adds a perceived value to the resource. This enhances the reading experience for teachers and studentsAlso included are links for your schools to download and print (with PDF) all stories included in your PASS.

Click  here  to view a sample story/script in Flip-Book Format


Custom Branded Landing Page for Your District 

Your teachers/instructors enter your district's custom portal at a landing page that lists all of your schools included in the PASS, and they find their own school logo which is clickable to their own custom web page.

Comprehensive Implementation Tools, Webinars, Re-Printables, etc. are provided on each school's custom-branded web page.   


Custom Branded Landing Page for Each School 

Your teachers/instructors click on their school logo and they land on their own custom branded page. This page shows all the titles included in your pass. The story characters, their grade level span, and much more is shown clearly on this page. They just click to choose the Playbook® story and it opens in the custom Flip-Book Viewer all ready for them to read with their students through Zoom or some other meeting service.  

Analytics "by Grade Level" of Title Viewing Activity of Your Schools 

When your schools view a story, it is tracked as a "view" in your Custom Calameo Portal. This allows you to see what stories your schools are using the most or the least. This can be built to show the "views" for stories by Grade Level, or even more customized, by school (see below). 


Analytics "by School" of Title Viewing Activity

This is the most customized portal where you can track the "View Activity" of each school which helps you know which schools are using the resource the most or the least. You can also see which stories are being viewed the most or the least. 

It can be extremely valuable to you to have the accountability of your schools using your purchased resources with valuable budget dollars. 

Complete Analytics and Statistics of All Viewing Activity 

Within your Calameo portal, an “All Views” statistics page is provided. See this example of one of our Playbook® Portals.

Online Security of Your Purchased All-Access Pass

Two levels of logins are created for your custom portal and are required for schools using this resource. This protects your schools from sharing your purchased resources with other districts or anyone.