Playbook® Applicability to


State Standards in Language Arts

Language Arts

Reading a Playbook® in the classroom meets the following Vermont standards in English Language Arts and Reading:


Responding to Text

5.13 Students respond to literary texts and public documents using interpretive, critical, and evaluative processes. This is evident when students:


a. Make inferences about content, events, story, characters, and setting, and about the relationship(s) among them; and

b. Explain the differences between various genres.

Grades 5-6:

Evidence Pre/K-4 applies plus -

c. Analyze the impact of authors' decisions regarding word choice and content;

d. Make inferences about themes and styles;

e. Describe how linguistic structures and the diverse features of language can influence interpretations of texts;

f. Identify the characteristics of literary forms and genres;

g. Explain the effects of point of view/bias; and

h. Evaluate literary merit.

Speaking and Listening

5.19 Students speak and listen in a non-native language. This is evident when students:


a. Express personal ideas, feelings, and experience, using simple sentences.

Grades 5-6:

a. Evidence Pre/K-4 applies


5.20 Students read a non-native language. This is evident when students:


a. Read a variety of materials for meaning and information.