Playbook® Applicability to


State Standards

Kindergarten through Grade Six

Reading a Playbook® in the classroom meets the following Missouri standards:

In Communication Arts, students in Missouri public schools will acquire a solid foundation which includes knowledge of and proficiency in:

2. reading and evaluating fiction, poetry and drama

3. reading and evaluating nonfiction works and material (such as biographies, newspapers, technical manuals)

5. comprehending and evaluating the content and artistic aspects of oral and visual presentations (such as story-telling, debates, lectures, multi-media productions)

6. participating in formal and informal presentations and discussions of issues and ideas

7. identifying and evaluating relationships between language and culture

Performance Standards for Missouri public schools:

GOAL 2: Students in Missouri public schools will acquire the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively within and beyond the classroom.

Students will demonstrate within and integrate across all content areas the ability to
1. plan and make written, oral and visual presentations for a variety of purposes and audiences
3. exchange information, questions and ideas while recognizing the perspectives of others
4. present perceptions and ideas regarding works of the arts, humanities and sciences
5. perform or produce works in the fine and practical arts