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10-The Three Goats Gruff - Book Set With Powerpoint on CD  [Grades K-2 - $75.35]
10-The Three Goats Gruff - Book Set With Powerpoint on CD

Includes 6 book copies in Small Group Set and Powerpoint presentation of story on CD.

Most everybody knows the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Well, this story presents a funny and healthy twist and a dose of green vegetables, too. The troll is the same, always hungry and not very bright, but there are only two billy goats because the third is a girl! Sister Gruff has a clever plan to teach the ugly troll a lesson or two. Not only does she trick him into letting herself and her brothers cross the bridge, she educates him and the readers about the value of eating vegetables and that the darker green they are, the healthier they become. With a surprise ending, kids will love the story and the nutrition lesson, too.

For 2 - 5 Readers

Advantage (Multi-Level) Format includes Stages 1-3

Microsoft Powerpoint or Powerpoint Viewer required.

*To order a Powerpoint presentation of the story separately (you already have Playbooks), please contact us for special pricing.

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