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60 A Sweet Escape (Grades 4-8)  [Grades 4-8 - $58.80]
60 A Sweet Escape (Grades 4-8)

A Sweet Escape (Grades 4-8)


Retold by: Sue Cramer and Stephanie Comella
Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier


Everybody knows that fairy tales aren't real, right? But what if you found yourself in the middle of one anyway? Take "Hansel and Gretel," for example. The house made of the most delicious candies and cookies and cakes you could imagine would be absolutely marvelous, wouldn't it? But what about the witch? What if she were real too? This is exactly the situation in which Greg and Heidi find themselves. They can hardly believe it, but there's no time for amazement - it's already too late.


For 2 - 6 Readers


Advantage (Multi-Level) Format includes Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 3-6


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