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19 The String Thing (Grades 1-3)  [Grades 1-3 - $95.60]
19 The String Thing (Grades 1-3)

The String Thing (Grades 1-3)


Written by: David L. Burrier
Adapted to Playbook Format by: Susan Ingebretson
Illustrated by: Robert Snyder


The old adage "to spin a yarn" means, "to tell a tale." Well, if yarn can tell a story, wait until you read what string can do! In this delightful and lively story, the adults of the village, both royal and common, with their single-minded thinking, can't seem to accomplish the rescue of of someone who's fallen down a deep dark hole. Thanks to a wise king and a special gift he gives to every child in the kingdom, and to one child who steps forward in courage, a profound idea is born. You may well ask, "How can a story about string become a legend?" See how a simple ball of string became a symbol for an entire kingdom of the power of cooperation and collaboration.


For 2-7 Readers


Advantage (Multi-Level) Format includes Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 1-3


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