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Implementation Training Webinars

Learn how to implement your new Reader’s Theater program with purpose and care with these engaging and interesting webinars!

The webinar is ideal for program directors, coordinators, teachers, and any staff who work directly with students. With step-by-step implementation guidelines presented, getting successfully started with your new reader's theater materials will be simple and time efficient. Webinar teaches how to ensure student growth by employing proper role assignments, student grouping, effective story repetition and rotation, expressive reading techniques and behavior, and more. Simple pre- and post- assessment materials included in the kit are also taught. Background and support of the method are covered to enthuse your staff and fun warm-up exercises are introduced to help your staff get students excited.

Proper role assignment creates the most successful reading experience for the students and the most effective reading growth. 

Assign character roles with care so every student has the opportunity to shine in front of their peers. 


Watch this important Role Assignment Webinar. Be sure to print the handout to follow along with.  


Playbooks, Inc., is the leading supplier of social-interactive,

role-play reading enrichment materials in the nation with its patented Roleplay Reader® format of color-coded dialogue text and easier and harder roles in the same story. Playbooks, Inc. has been serving schools since 2001 and provides the most comprehensive tools for effective Reader's Theater implementation. 

All Playbooks® and Roleplay Reader® products are protected under U.S. patent: #7,456,834 with additional patents pending.



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