Cirriculum-Based Reader's Theater

PASSENGERS is a New Curriculum-Based Reader’s Theater Series for Grades K-5.


Affordably priced for teachers and any grant, PASSENGERS is a dynamic and creative role-play reading series with multiple scripts that transport students through learning important topics in Math, Science, and Social Studies in the most fun and engaging way.

The structure of each script is based on passengers asking a conductor  little questions to answer the conductor’s BIG questions. When they make it to the last car, a surprise awaits them! They also have answered several BIG questions and learned several important topics within each subject area of Math, Science, and Social Studies.

For a one-page Guide for Character Levels for Passengers Thru Math, Science, and Social Studies, click here

For a full Teacher Guide for Passengers Thru Math, Science, and Social Studies, click here. 

For Colorfurl BRAG Badges for each Learning Train, click here

Teachers love this series because it teaches core topics. Students love the creative structure of their roles.  See sample scripts below.

For Grades K-2

Math Train - $149 (36 books)
Science Train - 
$149 (36 books)
Social Studies Train 
$74 (18 books)

Available in virtual format for $40 per train

Complete Grades K-2 Series$372 

  (90 books)

Math: Coin Value Identification, Telling Time & Schedule, Patterns, Sorting & >,<,=, Base 10 & Place Value, Addition, Subtraction

Science: Eating Healthy, Our Bodies & 5 Senses, Mammals, The Weather, Habitats-Environments, Earth in its Universe

Social Studies: Transportation, Geography, Citizenship & Responsibility

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For Grades 3-5

Math Train $199 (36 books)
Science Train 
$199 (36 books)
Social Studies Train 
$99 (18 books)


Available in virtual format for $40 per train
Complete Grades 3-5 Series - 

   (90 books)

Math: Multiplication & Division, GCF & Prime Numbers, Fractions & Decimals, U.S./Metric, Measurement, Geometry Terms, Dimensions in Geometric Shapes 

Science: Vertebrates, Plant Life, Weather & Climate, Water & Rock Cycles, The Solar System, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Social Studies: Famous African Americans, Government & Freedom, Easy Economics

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Sample Scripts

In reading only the first few pages of a sample script below, you'll understand the fun, engaging, and effective plot of this series.



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