Mini, the Super Watermelon
Story Characters - Advantage Format

Webster                                       13% of story

My name is Webster Melon. I am a seedless watermelon just like all the watermelons in my family. Seedless means we don’t have any black seeds. Most grown-up watermelons are oblong shaped. Oblong is like a rectangle but with round corners. I am just full of information. If you ever want to know anything, just ask me! I’m also happy to sing for you anytime.

Wendy                                           11% of story

My name is Wendy Melon. Webster is my husband, and yes, he is the smartest melon in the patch! Some would say that I am the sweetest. I don’t know about that, but I do know that I love my two little ones. Willy is always getting into trouble. He keeps me busy, that’s for sure. My youngest is Mini, who is very special. Even though she is small, she sure thinks big.

Willy                                                 6% of story

My name is Willy Melon. Mini is my sister. She’s okay, I guess, for a girl. I love playing games with the other kids in the patch. We play hide and seek, and my favorite is the vine ring toss. Sometimes we toss Mini back and forth because she’s so small. Hey, isn’t that what big brothers are for?

Mini                                               14% of story

My name is Mini Melon. I am very small, but I am bigger than a baseball and just as round. Most watermelons are oblong shaped and much bigger than me. Only baby melons look like me. Some of the kids tease me and that’s not very fun. It makes me feel bad and I don’t feel much like singing. I wish I knew why I am so different. My parents say I’m special, but who would want a little melon?

Waddles                                      18% of story

My name is Waddles Melon. I am the biggest melon in the patch, and the happiest, so I sing all day long. I love being with the kids, and I like to make them laugh. They look up to me, I think. We have fun every day.