The Veggie Rap
Story Characters - Single-Level Format
All parts are written at an average reading level of Stage 4

Crab Cool                                                      23% of story

What's up? I'm Crab Cool. As you can tell by the name, I am one cooooooool crab. Have we got a story for you! Join in and help us rap a cooooooool tale about Billy and his veggie dream!

Snake                                                                  23% of story

Yo! The name is Ssssssnake, and I love to rap. I'm one ssssssweeeeeeeet serpent, and I love veggies! Billy doesn't know what he's missssssssing! I'm here to help tell you about Billy and the veggie way!

Genie                                                                  23% of story

I'm a powerful genie who speaks through a wisp of smoke from an ancient lamp. I've been a vegetarian for thousands of years, and I have some advice for our little friend, Billy.

Billy                                                                      22% of story

My name's Billy, and I hate fruits and vegetables! Yuck! I love hamburgers and steak, and nobody, not even my parents, can make me eat anything else.

Billy's Mother                                            5% of story

I'm Billy's mother, and I have tried and tried to get my son to eat better. He is a stubborn boy! How will I ever teach him the benefits of a healthy diet?

Billy's Father                                                 4% of story

Hello, I'm Billy's father, and I've had just about enough of Billy's refusal to try new foods! What will it take to make this boy understand?