A Sweet Escape
Story Characters - Advantage Format

picture of greg

Greg                                                                                  19% of story
Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader

I'm just a normal teenager. I like to ski and have fun. I'm lucky because I have a really cool sister. She's very adventurous, probably even more so than I am. We both like to do new things, and usually we have a lot of fun. Sometimes, though, our adventures get us into trouble.

picture of heidi

Heidi                                                                                  23% of story
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader

Like Greg, I really enjoy trying new things. I am adventurous and want to push myself to see if I can do better. As with skiing, I'm not afraid to try the more advanced slopes. At the same time, I think I am more responsible than Greg. Even when we go off on adventures, I always like to keep my parents aware of what we are doing.

picture of hilda

Hilda                                                                                     20% of story
Stage 6 - Expert Reader

JuTHt becauTHe I liTHp and I talk kind of funny doeTHn't mean I'm a bad perTHon, doeTH it? I can't THay my eTHes properly, and I kind of THpit when I yell. Why am I alwayTH yelling? I juTHt THeem to get fruTHtrated a lot. Maybe I need THomething to occupy my time. I think I need a hobby . I wonder what I could do? FirTHt, I need to find THome helperTH! Where will I find them?

picture of sven

Sven                                                                                      12% of story
Stage 6 - Expert Reader

Have yew ever heard people from Norvay speak? Dey have an accent. I am from dare, and I speak vit a funny sounding voice. Maybe yew can make up a funny vay to talk, and yew can pretend yew are from Norvay. I am Hilda's helper. I vant to find her more help so she vill stop being so angry.  Vill I be able to find some udders to help me?

picture of anna

Anna                                                                                      6% of story
Stage 3 - Transitional Reader

I am Sven's wife. I'm a nice person, but am also very shy. I'm good at helping Hilda. I just wish she didn't scare me so much.

Narrator                                                                             20% of story
Stage 6 - Expert Reader

As the narrator, I am the master storyteller! It's up to me to keep the story alive and interesting with each exciting detail. So, I must read everything with expression and excitement!