Surfing at Sunrise
Story Characters - Advantage Format

Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader                                                             9% of story

I'm Joey, Adult Cody's son, and I'm 12. I didn't know how cool my dad was until he started telling me a story about when he was a surfer kid. It's pretty good. I can't wait to hear how it ends.

Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader                                                             10% of story

Hi, I'm Kristie. Cody and I have been, like, best friends since kindergarten. We've always surfed together. He doesn't know that I have, like, a crush on him. I keep dropping hints, but he never seems to notice. I really, like, hope we win the competition coming up because, like, we deserve to beat those kooks, Derek and Chad.

Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader                                                             8% of story

Yo, brah. I'm Derek. Yeah, that's right, the cool guy you've heard about all over school. Cody doesn't know it, but he's gonna get whipped at that surfing competition. He needs to get out of my way while I'm surfing 'cause there's just not enough room for the both of us at the pier. Him and his little girlfriend are just gonna have to move it, or lose it.

Teen Cody
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader                                                                     16% of story

Now don't let this confuse you, but I'm the teenage version of Cody. I'm seventeen, and live in San Pedro right next to the beach. My best friend, Kristie, and I are surfer buds. We carve up the waves almost daily during the summer. I've been working on this awesome trick for a competition that's coming up in a week. I need to perfect it by then if I'm going to beat Derek and Chad. Those guys are bad news.

Uncle Kana
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader                                                                     12% of story

My name in English is Sean, but everyone calls me by my Hawaiian name, Kana, which I think sounds better because it fits me. I'm Cody's uncle. I came over to visit my little nephew, and I heard he's got a big surf competition coming up. I think he needs my help, and maybe a little more, if he's gonna pull off his killer trick in the competition.

Small Parts
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader                                                                     11% of story

Chad - Hey, I'm Chad. I'm, like, well you know, Derek's sidekick. I really have nothing better to do, so I go along with whatever he says, even though most of the time he just tells me to be quiet. Cody and Kristie actually aren't too bad at surfing. They can really carve those waves. It's gonna be tough beating them at the competition.
Cody's Dad - I'm Cody's father. My boy is a competent surfer; he just needs to trust himself and not worry so much about things. He also needs to be a little more focused on his schoolwork rather than practicing for that surfing competition every minute. On the other hand, if he's going to do it anyway, then he should try his best. I mean . wouldn't it be something if it led to a scholarship? I wouldn't mind that at all.
Sponsor - I work for Modern World Surfing Company. My job is to watch all the surfers at the competition for those who may be Modern World material. I've heard some good things about a surfer named Cody. We'll see if he's got what it takes to become a good surfer. It's possible that we'll give him a sponsorship. That means we'd pay him for sporting our design on his clothes and surfboard. That kind of money could even pay for college.

Adult Cody
Stage 6 - Expert Reader                                                                         34% of story

I guess I'm the old man in this story, but give me a break; 40 isn't that old. When I was a teen, I used to rip up the beaches. As a matter of fact, I've got quite a story to tell about that. Something you should know is that surfers have their very own language. All the words in this story in bold type are what we call "Surf Lingo" which simply means surfing slang. Before the story begins, you'll see a glossary which will tell you what the words mean. Have fun talking like us Surfer Dudes! Cooooool!