The String Thing
Story Characters - Multi-Level Format
Kindergarten - Grade 3 Version

King T. Royal                                                               12% of story
Stage 2-Beginning Reader
As the king, it is my job to look after all the people in my land, even all the children. They are a big part of my job. How can I show the children in my kingdom they are important to us all?

Countess Blueblood                                           5% of story
Stage 1-Early Reader

I am just like the king. I am as good as the king. I do not like the children. They are not like me.

Duchess Bravado                                                    10% of story
Stage 3-Transitional Reader

I am royal and that makes me important. I love to talk to children, but I really don't think that they have much to say. Aren't adults the only ones who are important?

Lord Pomp                                                                     13% of story
Stage 3-Transitional Reader

I happen to be royalty, you know. Yes, I am a very important royal person. I take my duties seriously. The children of this kingdom should look up to me and listen to me. Don't you think so too?

Grace                                                                                      19% of story
Stage 2-Beginning Reader

I am just a little girl, but I do very well in school. I am a good girl, and I like to play with my friends and with my family. I think that people do not always hear me. I am very small, but I can still think! I have important things to say!

William                                                                                  6% of story
Stage 1-Early Reader

I have a big sister. She helps me. I go with her. I can help too.

Narrator                                                                                35% of story
Stage 3-Transitional Reader

As the narrator, I am the master storyteller! It's up to me to keep the story alive and interesting with each exciting detail. So, I must read everything with expression and excitement!