A Snail's Pace Race
Story Characters - Advantage Format

Stage 3 - Transitional Reader                                                                    7% of story

(yelling) I am the number one fan of snail racing! Every time there is a race, I am right there in the stands yelling for the favorite. I have never missed a single race! And who is the favorite in this race? Well, I really like Lee Max-what a great crawler, huh? A real star! Who do you think will win the great race today?

Pat O'Reilly
Stage 3 - Transitional Reader                                                                   9% of story

I am Pat O'Reilly. I am from Ireland. If you want to, you can say my lines with an Irish accent. I really love to run. Last year I ran fast, but not fast enough to win. I'm hoping with some positive thinking, and a little Irish luck, I'll have a chance of winning this year. Maybe you can root for me.

Mayor Chatterley
Stage 3 - Transitional Reader                                                                    6% of story

I am Mayor Chatterley. I am the mayor of the beautiful city of Shellton. I just love to chat! Anyway, part of my job every year is to present the beautiful golden Shell Cup to the winner of The Great Race. The race is just about to begin now, so I must get ready for my part in the program. I am hoping that I will be able to use the microphone more this year. People always want to hear what Mayor Chatterley has to say. At least, I think they..

Lee Max
Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader                                                                  11% of story

I'm Lee Max, and I'm from the beautiful city of Paris. You can speak my lines with a French accent if you like. It's a sure thing that I will win this race. After all, I am the favorite. I've got the winning speed, and I've got the winning look.

Chris Cole
Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader                                                                  25% of story

I am Chris Cole. I work for ABZ's "Huge World of Sports." I am a race announcer. I used to be a racer, too, but now I am retired. I sometimes miss racing, but this is a great job. I love talking to the racers and telling the fans all about them. It is very exciting to be down on the field, right in the middle of the race. (whispering with hand in front of mouth) I also cut off Mayor Chatterley now and then so I, too, must be ready to interrupt when the Mayor speaks.

Robin Bailey
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader                                                                        23% of story

Robin Bailey here-I'm the lead announcer for ABZ's "Huge World of Sports." I will be bringing you all the details of The Great Race today. Together with Chris Cole, I will be covering all the exciting details of this yearly event in the beautiful city of Shellton. (whispering with hand in front of mouth) And it's kind of my job to cut off Mayor Chatterley because everyone knows our beloved mayor is a bit yap-happy. So I have to always be ready to interrupt when Mayor Chatterley is talking.
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader                                                                        14% of story

I am the sponsor. I advertise different products at different times during the race coverage. My job is to sell our merchandise. All the items that will be featured today are either sports-related, or are products commonly advertised during sporting events. I really want all of you to try our great products. I am hoping to get the winner of The Great Race today to sign a contract to advertise at least one of our items. Who knows? Maybe his or her face will be on the new boxes of Oaties, Breakfast of Winners.

Stage 3 - Transitional Reader                                                                   4% of story

We are the crowd. Every time one of the snails is announced, we cheer! Every time one snail outcrawls another, we yell. Every time we don't like something that's happening down on the field, we boo! It's very easy to figure out how we feel. There is no mystery about us. We can even make up things that are not written down for us to say. We always have a great time. Why don't you join us?