Sherman the Shy
Story Characters - Advantage Format

Sherman, Prince of the Brattish Isles                         13% of story

Despite the public image of me that is all too often shown in magazines and television newscasts, I happen to be a very shy, tongue-tied person. I really hate all the publicity that goes with being royal. I just want to be accepted for being myself . Sherman . not Prince Sherman. My best friend, Colin Rochester, knows the real me . but nobody else does. If only I could find a girl who could see and love the real me! Is there such a person in this kingdom?

Colin Rochester                                                                       15% of story

Prince Sherman and I have been friends our whole lives. We know we can always depend on each other. I rely on the fact that Sherman will always tell me the truth, and he looks for the same from me in return. That's why I have to tell him the truth about his admirers! They're only after him for his royal position! As his royal aide, and his best friend, it's my duty to protect the prince, isn't it?

Princess Malvina of Malterre                                          11% of story

I have to admit it . I am the most beautiful girl in the entire kingdom . actually, the whole world . but I'm not all hair spray and make-up like others think. I have dreams, too . they just happen to involve pursuing a rich and handsome husband. It's my number one priority! It's my thing!

Fiona Stewart                                                                               8% of story

I'm not a person to dwell at length on my assets, but if I were pressed, I suppose I'd say intelligence would have to be near the top of the list. I was awarded a scholarship at Oxbridge University, near the capital city of Lundon, and I am very proud to be a student in my final year there. Even though attending this college was a long-standing dream of mine, I also dream of finding just the right man to share my life goals and my future. All those at the university seem to be . well, extremely childish and completely lacking in charm.

Priscilla Greenwood                                                               10% of story

I am Fiona's roommate at college and her best friend, and, as such, I find it necessary to help her out with the social side of university life. She's very intelligent, but she's a bit dreamy at times and doesn't seem to have a firm grasp on the realities of brains versus beauty

King Baldwin of the Brattish Isles                                    2% of story

As Sherman's father, my wish is to see him successfully prepare for the future when he will be the next king. I wish he would accept the fact that being the crown prince entails certain duties. He needs to get over his shyness. When will he learn that dealing with the public on a daily basis is the royal way of life?

Queen Farina of the Brattish Isles                                     1% of story

I am very disappointed that Sherman still has not selected a bride. The Grand Masquerade Ball is just a few months away, and he must be ready to choose a princess at its conclusion. I hate to nag, but, my goodness, he is twenty-four already. Is he ever going to speak up and make a decision?