Story Characters - Advantage Format

Stage 3-Transitional Reader
17% of story

Hello . I am Gwendolyn (Gwen-do-linn). EEEAH! My father always tells me to quiet down. I get excited very easily . even over the smallest things! EEEAH! I do not seem to be good at anything ... but I must be good at something. Will I ever find out what it is? EEEAH!

Sir Knight   
Stage 5-Advanced Reader                                                     14% of story

I have heard it said that I am the boldest Knight in all the kingdom! At least that is what I think I heard - maybe they said I am the oldest Knight in all the kingdom? I am a bit hard of hearing, so I tend to shout most everything I say. I also seem to get things mixed up now and then. Recently, the King asked me to walk the royal dog, and when I washed the royal hog, the hog was not amused! I just want to be a devoted and faithful Knight.

Stage 4-Intermediate Reader          
                                        11% of Story

I am a cellar dweller, and I live in the dungeon of the castle. No one knows I am there. It is my secret! I like to stomp around and holler and do it undisturbed. I like to sing and dance, and I even know a little magic!

Stage 1-Early Reader   
                                                          4% of story

I am a boy. I help the King. It is my job to make him happy.

King Neal
Stage 3-Transitional Reader           
                                         9% of story

As King, it is my job to keep all fair and good. Sir Knight brought me a very beautiful girl. He told me that she could spin straw into gold! Is this possible, or am I being tricked?

Stage 2-Beginning Reader
                                                             2% of story

I am Emma. Ben is my brother. I help him at the castle. But, I should not be in the castle. I cannot let the King see me!

Father Miller
Stage 4-Intermediate Reader
7% of story

My daughter is by far the most beautiful maiden in the land. So, why is she still living here with me when she is past marrying age? It is because she is always nervous! Even the smallest worries seem to set her off into fits of shrieks and screams. How will I ever be able to help her calm down and find a husband? I wish someone would appear on my doorstep and take all my worries away!

Stage 5-Advanced Reader 
                                                     36% of story

As the narrator, I am the master storyteller! It's up to me to keep the story alive and interesting with each exciting detail. So, I must read everything with expression and excitement!