Story Characters - Advantage Format

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi                                                    18% of story
Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader

Have you ever heard of me? My name is Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. I'm a mongoose, and my job is to protect all creatures from dangerous cobras. This is the tale of the great battle that I have with Nag and his fierce family.

Darzee                                                                             10% of story
Stage 3 - Transitional Reader

I'm Darzee. I'm a bird that loves to fly around the garden. I tell others what I see. I also love to sing.

Nag                                                                                    17% of story
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader

My name is most important of all! I am Nag, the King. I'm the cobra that rules the garden. Everything that enters the garden is trespassing on my territory. As King, I decide what consequences they shall pay if they decide to enter.

Mother                                                                             6% of story
Stage 6 - Expert Reader

I'm Teddy's mother, and I worry about him being all alone in the garden. There may be dangerous animals living in it, and I won't allow Teddy to venture off by himself.

Father                                                                               6% of story
Stage 6 - Expert Reader

I'm Teddy's father. I like to take him for long strolls through the garden and teach him about the different animals who dwell there.

Small Parts                                                                  3% of story                                         
Stage 3 - Transitional Reader

Teddy - I am the boy who moved into the bungalow with my family.

Rattan - I am a small brown mouse who lives in the bungalow.

Narrator                                                                           40% of story
Stage 6 - Expert Reader

As the narrator, I am the master storyteller! It's up to me to keep the story alive and interesting with each exciting detail. So, I must read everything with expression and excitement!