Bound For Plymouth
Story Characters - Multi-Level Format

(image) Picture of Ellen More

Ellen More (a girl of 8)                                           7% of story

Stage 4- Intermediate Reader

My name is Ellen and I am eight years old. I have two younger brothers, Jasper and Richard, and a little sister, Mary. Our father could not take care of us in England, so sadly he made all of us a kind of slave to families on this boat, and we are traveling to the New World together. Let me tell you, it is not fun to live like this! We will have to work hard for seven years, doing whatever our master says, to pay off our ride on this boat. We don’t earn any money, and our master has to feed and clothe us, but the food is only slops, and my dress is second-hand and ugly, and I have to pin it up because it’s too big. Most of the people here are mean to me, and never let me forget that I’m only a servant. I am sad a lot of the time, but some of the older girls are my friends, and I love to look after the younger children.

(image) Picture of Henry

Henry Sampson (a boy of 16)                                              10% of story

Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader

I am Henry, and I am aboard the boat with my aunt and uncle, Edward and Ann Tilley. My parents died, and they adopted me and my little cousin, Humility Cooper. The Tilleys have grown children, but they’re still in England. I am sixteen, and I want to be friends with other boys on the boat and have a good time. But Uncle Edward is always reminding me that enjoyment of earthly things comes a long way after duty, and that I should be grateful to him and my aunt for taking me in. If you don’t think it’s hard being an orphan, you are mistaken!

(image) Picture of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Tilley (a girl of 12)                                    8% of story

Stage 5 - Advanced Reader

My name is Elizabeth. I am twelve years old, and I am here with my parents. My father, John, is Edward Tilley’s brother, so that makes Henry and Humility my cousins. Just because he is a boy, Henry thinks he is so superior, and that he can order me about. Well, he has another think coming! It’s true that the other young girls and I are expected to cook and clean up after meals, wash and mend the clothes, and learn our letters, but that certainly doesn’t make me responsible for him!

(image) Picture of Joseph

Joseph Rogers (a boy of 12)                                         11% of story

Stage 5 - Advanced Reader

My name is Joseph, and I am twelve. I am sailing aboard the Mayflower with my father. The rest of my family are going to come to the New World later when our house is built, and I miss them, especially my mother. She is a really good cook, and the food on board here is awful! Many of the boys I met in the English community in Holland are on the boat now, and they are my good friends. We try to behave and act responsibly— as the Elders are always telling us— but it’s really difficult with so many people and so little room. It seems as though we’re always in the way or underfoot. How are we supposed to use up all our energy when we can’t go anywhere or do anything?

(Image) Picture of George

George Soule (a man of 21)                                       14% of story

Stage 5 - Advanced Reader

I am Schoolmaster Soule. I am traveling to the Americas on the Mayflower because Master Edward Winslow stood bond for me. In other words, he paid for me to come, but I have to work off the cost. I was his children’s teacher in England, and even though they remained there, he was persuaded that my services would be acceptable on this boat, and when we are established at the completion of our journey. Even though I am a young man of twenty-one, I feel a heavy responsibility to my students. It is unfortunate that the young people who are in my charge are such slow and unenthusiastic learners and need constant reminders to attend class. I am aware that my strictness has made me unpopular, but I believe the children will thank me when they grow to be upstanding citizens of our colony.

(image) Picture of Constance

Constance Hopkins (a girl about 14)            16% of story

Stage 6 - Expert Reader

My Aztec name is Ameyatl, which means “Fountain.” I suppose my parents thought it was a good name, a hopeful name, for a person who would often have to go thirsty while journeying long distances from one sweet-water well to another. I am always concerned about whether my family has enough to eat, and it is very difficult to make the food stretch when the children are growing so fast.

Narrator                                                                      34% of story

Stage 6 - Advanced Reader

As the narrator, I am the master storyteller! It's up to me to keep the story alive and interesting with each exciting detail. So, I must read everything with expression and excitement!