Peter Pan
Story Characters - Advantage Format

Mrs. Darling                                                              5% of story
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader

I have a husband, three lovely children, and a pleasant, comfortable life. Sometimes, though, when I see Wendy, John, and Michael pretending they're having adventures with Indians and pirates in Neverland, my mind goes back to a boy named Peter Pan who used to visit my nursery when I was quite young . or did he? The remembering is always so difficult. In fact, I still can't decide if it was all real, or just a dream. I did, however, enjoy telling bedtime stories, real or not, to my children when they were very young.

Wendy                                                                             13% of story
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader

I always love to listen to my mother tell the story about when she was a girl and how Peter Pan came through the window of the nursery one night and took her to Neverland. They had such wonderful adventures on the island, with mermaids, and beautiful Indian princesses, and magical creatures. Do you think I could ever have an adventure like that? Will Peter Pan come for me?

John                                                                                       4% of story
Stage 3 - Transitional Reader

I've always wanted to live an exciting life, do great works, and fight battles ... to the death! Mother says that such things are only for playing, when you're young, but I sometimes wish they would last forever. I would be very brave, and everyone in Neverland would want to be like me! Will I get to go to Neverland? If I do, will I be able to come home again?

Michael                                                                               4% of story
Stage 2 - Beginning Reader

I like to have fun, too, but I am not as brave as John. At night, I just want Mother to put me into bed and tell me a story. Still, sometimes I think it would be wonderful to visit Neverland.

Peter Pan                                                                         18% of story
Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader

I'm here to state that I'm NEVER GOING TO GROW UP! Who would want to go to work every day, and pay bills, and do all the other boring things grown-ups do? Not me! I prefer life in Neverland where I can have a different adventure every day. Oh, it's all right to go back to London once in a while just to be sure I'm not missing anything, but to me, real life is staying a boy forever in Neverland! There's nothing that could convince me to go back again, is there?

Tinker Bell                                        10% of story
Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader                             

I am so tired of following Peter Pan around all the time and getting him out of one scrape after another. I'm also tired of having to put up with the string of girls he insists on bringing to Neverland. I mean, the Lost Boys are bad enough with their constant whining about wanting a mother, and wanting something good for dinner, and wanting to hear a bedtime story. not that I ever listen to them. I'm far too busy trying to look after Peter. Is he ever going to grow up?

Captain James Hook                         24% of story
Stage 6 - Expert Reader  

I am the Captain of the Jolly Roger, a beautiful, trim vessel, and my men and I are gentlemen who enjoy the great outdoors and a life of freedom sailing the seven seas. What's that you say? Are we pirates? How insulting! Pirates . just because we fly a flag with the skull and crossbones and make our prisoners walk the plank? I can see you've been reading the wrong kind of books. My men and I have been sorely misjudged, yet again. Do you think we'll ever be able to recover from the bad press we always seem to receive and reestablish our spotless reputation?

Mr. Smee                                            5% of story
Stage 6 - Expert Reader

As bo'sun o' the Jolly Roger, it's my duty ta' run the ship and take airders from Capt'n Hook. I have ta' see that the decks aar' constantly claired faar action, and that the men aar' always in fighting faarm. And, o' cairse, I have to look out faar that cantankerous ticking crocodile that's acquired a taste faar pirate-meat, so ta' speak!

Small Parts                                        5% of story
Mr. Darling and the Lost Boys                                                   
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader


Narrator                                                                             12% of story
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader

As the narrator, I am the master storyteller! It's up to me to keep the story alive and interesting with each exciting detail. So, I must read everything with expression and excitement!