Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
Story Characters - Advantage Format


(Image) Ginny

Parker Exley                                                              10% of story
Stage 3 - Transitional Reader

Hi, my name is Parker Exley. I own a trucking company. People can hire us to move and transport items and goods. I will be moving the supplies to the festival location at the park.


(Image) Carla

Adam Subs                                                 7% of story
Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader

Hi, my name is Adam Subs. I run a catering business—the best in town! We are in charge of providing the food for the town festival this year.

(Image) Mrs. Overton

Dylan                                                           26% of story
Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader

Hi, my name is Dylan. Math is my favorite subject and I’ve studied very hard for my math test. I can solve any equation, so I should get an “A” for sure!

(Image) Mr. Baxter

Mrs. Divine                                                                   10% of story
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader

Hi, my name is Mrs. Divine. I own a party supply business in our town. We rent tables, chairs and other necessary items for all kinds of events. We are providing our services for the town festival.

(Image) Chris

Aunt Sally                                                                           20% of story
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader

Hi, I am Dylan’s Aunt, and I love to chant! You’ll find out in no time, that I love to speak in rhyme! I live in a small town with people who are great. You’ll meet them soon, you just wait!

(Image) Uncle Ned

Narrator                                                   27% of story
Stage 6 - Expert Reader

As the narrator, I am the master storyteller! It’s up to me to keep the story alive and interesting with each exciting detail. So, I must read everything with expression and excitement!


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