The Mustermill Project
Story Characters - Advantage Format

Stage 3 - Transitional Reader                                                                    10% of story

Billy and I are best buds. We find things to do together all the time. Billy is always cooking up some neat idea, so it's fun to be around him. We're working on something top secret right now.

Mac Vervill
Stage 3 - Transitional Reader                                                                    10% of story

I have a beautiful farm where I live a simple life. I don't even have a phone. My dog keeps me company. Billy's grandfather and I were best friends. I really miss Nat. We had some great times together.

Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader                                                                  16% of story

My name is Bob Barnsley, and I'm Billy's dad. Billy is a very creative boy, and he reminds me of my dad. I'm quite different from both of them. I feel comfortable with things that are solid, that I can touch and then understand. Sometimes I feel I don't really connect with Billy, and I feel bad about that because I never connected with my dad, either. I'd like it to be different between Billy and me, but I don't know how to change things.

Stage 4 - Intermediate Reader                                                                   21% of story

My name is William Barnsley, but everyone calls me Billy. I've always liked magic, wizards, and anything that doesn't have an easy answer, but now that I'm older, I find myself concentrating on the more serious aspects of learning. Nothing will stop me from finding out what I want to know. I've always enjoyed strange sounding words, and one in particular has gotten me started on the most unusual project.

Small Part 1
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader                                                                         4% of story

3 female roles

Small Part 2
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader                                                                         2% of story

1 male role

Small Part 3
Stage 5 - Advanced Reader                                                                        5% of story

1 female role

Narrator 1
Narrator 2

Stage 5 - Advanced Reader                                                                        32% of story

(read together) As the narrators, we are the master storytellers! It's up to us to keep the story alive and interesting with each exciting detail. So, we must read everything with expression and excitement! We also read the small parts in the story that only appear in the middle and at the end.