Jacob's Magic Mittens
Story Characters - Single-Level Format
All parts are written at an average reading level of Stage 5

Jacob Hayes                                                                         31% of story

I sure wish that my Mama didn't have to work so hard. It seems like all she does is work, and now that she's expecting a baby, it just doesn't seem fair. Mama says that everything in life isn't fair and that I should just accept that. My Nana, Mary, used to tell me stories of kings and queens, and I wonder what it would be like to have everything that you wished for. How can I accept things as they are but still have hope for something better?

Mrs. Hayes                                                                            26% of story

I'm working as hard as I can to keep food on the table for my son, Jacob, and me. He just doesn't seem to understand that the foolishness of his dreams will only bring him sorrow. Why can't he see that we're fortunate to be a family, and to have each other?

Matthew                                                                                       6% of story

Jacob Hayes is the bestest friend ah ever did have! Since ah moved here a year ago from down South, we've done ever'thang together! Lately he's bin kinda' quiet and sad lookin'. Ah think he's a mite edgy 'bout his ma and all. Ah'm fixin' to play with good ol' Jake like we used to, after the baby is born.

Nurse Angela                                                                         7% of story

I've been requested to help the Hayes family during a very stressful situation. I need to help Jacob's mama, but first, I need Jacob to help me. I certainly hope that my assistance can bring them through their troubles. What if I don't arrive in time? What if I'm too late?

Emily Thorson                                                                      3% of story

I think Jacob is one of the nicest boys in our class. Matt and I are both kind of worried about him, and think that he's been too quiet lately. I wish he'd come play with the rest of the kids in town. Maybe that would make him laugh? I sure wish I could help him - if only I knew how.

Miss Reed                                                                               3% of story

This is one of the most unruly classes of students that I've ever had! If I could just get Matthew to use proper English, and Thomas Mack to pay attention . and then there's that daydreamer, Jacob. When will he ever learn to focus on his studies?

Thomas Mack                                                                4% of story

I like being the biggest kid in school and, of course, being one of the richest doesn't hurt. My father owns the only dry goods store around, so when the new deliveries arrive, I get to have first pick! Some of the other kids in school don't have new things as I do. Is that my fault? Some of the kids say I'm a "show-off," but so what?

Narrator                                                                                       20% of story

As the narrator, I am the master storyteller! It's up to me to keep the story alive and interesting with each exciting detail. So, I must read everything with expression and excitement!