Armando and Amanda
Story Characters - Single-Level Format
All parts are written at an average reading level of Stage 5

Armando                                                                              20% of story

I always have a great time planning new games. I like to pretend it's a lot of hard work so that the others will appreciate me more ... but most of the time, ideas just seem to come naturally! Sometimes, I get a bit carried away and don't think things through before I jump into an activity. I want to try and be more responsible, but how can I do that when these fun ideas just pop into my head?

Amanda                                                                                13% of story

My brother has got to be the best person in the whole world when it comes to making up new games. But, Mom and Dad have given me a hard job . to try and sit on him when he gets carried away, which happens quite often. How am I supposed to keep Armando from doing these crazy stunts when we always join in? Isn't that what brothers and sisters are for?

Amadeus                                                                           4% of story

I'm not good at games like Armando and Amanda, and I don't get as excited about taking part in them. Do you think it's fair that they make me play when I don't want to?

Amaryllis                                                                              3% of story

I wish - just for once - that Armando and Amanda would leave me alone and not drag me into their silly games. But then, where else would I find excitement?

Shelley                                                                                         2% of story

Wow! I really love those . like . really rad games my cool friend, Armando, makes up. Like . each day they just get . like . crazier and crazier! I wonder what's up for tomorrow?

Mr. Archimedes Armadillo                                 15% of story

I wanted to do the best I could to get a better job and relocate to improve the lives of my family. But, now, on top of everything else, I've got to deal with Armando's never-ending escapades. It may have been simpler to have stayed in Amarillo, but Armando's ideas seem to follow him wherever he goes. How can I teach my son to look before he leaps?

Mrs. Armilla Armadillo                                          14% of story

What . with selling our old house and moving abroad, and worrying about my husband being successful in his new job, and my children settling comfortably in a new school, I just don't have the heart to scold Armando for being a typical boy. Is he being extra creative, or is he being destructive? What's a mother to do?

First Poacher                                                                    5% of story

As poachers, we're just interested in money. We're in it for ourselves, and everyone else should just stay out of our way. Who cares if a few armadillos lose their lives to make musical instruments? What do we care?

Second Poacher                                                            4% of story

I'll help my friend catch as many armadillos as we can get since they're worth $20 each! That's a lot of money - I think. I'm not very good at math, or at following directions, or at much else, I guess. But, I sure can chase down armadillos! There ain't no easier way to make money!

Narrator                                                                            20% of story

As the narrator, I am the master storyteller! It's up to me to keep the story alive and interesting with each exciting detail. So, I must read everything with expression and excitement!