Ana Conda
Story Characters - Single-Level Format
All parts are written at an average reading level of Stage 5

(image) Ana Conda

Ana                                                                                          29% of story

Hi! I'm Ana ... Ana Conda, that isss. I'm a happy sssnake on a quest to dissscover my dream! Brazil is full of wonderful opportunitiesss, and I know there'sss one waiting for me jussst around the corner!

(image) Hannah Conda

Hannah                                                                                  4% of story

Hello. I'm Hannah Conda, Ana's twin sssister. Unlike Ana, I already know what my dream isss. I'm a devoted bookworm, or "booksssnake," as the cassse may be, and I'm going to be a college professssor..

(image) Nana Conda

Nana                                                                                       5% of story

Ssslithering sssidewinders! You ssstartled me! I'm Nana Conda ... Ana's grandmother. I might be old, ssstrict, and ssset in my ways ... but my granddaughtersss will thank me for it in the end!

(image) Illionna

Ilionna                                                                              19% of story

Welcome! I'm Ilionna Iguana, friendly tour guide to Rio de Janeiro! I love living in this great city and can't wait to spend more time with my new friend, Ana Conda.

(image) Madame Reptilia

Madame Reptilia                                                      10% of story

Oh, hello, Darrlinks! I am Madame Reptilia, and I zink zat ze ballet iz ze grreatest ... most inspirrink arrt forrm in ze whole vorrld! I am a grreat danzink teacherr! No morre time to chat. Ve must vork, vork, vork!

Small Parts                                                                   2% of story

Ophidia, Ana's friend in Rio, and Pete, Ophidia's next door neighbor.

Narrator                                                                            31% of story

As the narrator, I am the master storyteller! It's up to me to keep the story alive and interesting with each exciting detail. So, I must read everything with expression and excitement!