Stories included in the K-2 Multi-Story Bundle Kit
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We see water running down the street. We drink it and wash our hands with it. But do we realize how important it is for our bodies? This rhyming story shows how essential it is and offers water as an alternative to soda pop!


Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 0-2

498 words - $25.00  


Mark, Emma, and Adam are afraid to go to the dentist. Dr. Lee shows them that they have nothing to fear and teaches the kids some surprising news about “good guys” (saliva) and “bad guys” (germs) living in their mouths!


Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 0-2

1,170 words - $35.00  


Talking on the phone is Babbles Bizarre's favorite thing to do. She calls her friends near and far just to see how they are. She even calls aliens in the stars. Who will Babbles call today? It might be you!


Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 1-3

992 words - $55.00 


Matt didn't like bugs! In fact, he wished they would all just bug off. One day, four bugs came to bug him and wouldn’t leave! Matt had no choice but to listen to them, and was surprised to learn about what bugs do for the earth!


Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 1-3

1,164 words - $48.00   


In this cute story, each is self-conscious about a different body part. For example, Geri the giraffe thinks her neck is too long. It’s lucky they all have such good friends to tell them how being different can be a good thing!


Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 1-3

674 words - $30.00   


Jake was a young dog who never did any of his chores. He didn’t feed his fish or do his homework or take out the garbage. Then Jake’s parents came up with a plan to help Jake be more responsible. What did Jake do?


Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 1-3

1,023 words - $30.00


This story presents a funny, healthy twist on the classic tale with a dose of vegetables. Sister Gruff has a clever plan to trick the troll into letting the goats cross the bridge, and teaches readers the value of dark, leafy greens.


Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 1-3

1,706 words - $42.00 


Mr. Fritz’s students want to give him a surprise birthday party. They learn that by working together and cooperating, they can accomplish their goal and have a lot of fun … but on the day of the party, there is a problem!


Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 1-3

1,023 words - $30.00


Timmy’s room was a mess! When one dust bunny showed up at the foot of his bed, Timmy wasn’t concerned. It was only when Stinky and his pals moved in that Timmy started to worry, but by then, it was too late.


Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 1-3

1,933 words - $56.00


These enchanted instruments hear a voice asking them to play a song. On the first try, they produce a set of clashing noises. But as the little voice coaches them, they learn their capacity for rhythm, melody, and harmony.


Playbooks Reading Levels - Stages 1-3

820 words - $36.00