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Participate in National Bullying Prevention Month With Playbooks®

The Bully Games Turns Bystanders into "Forstanders"
Script for Grades 5-12 Directs Anti-Bullying Message Where it Has the Most Impact

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October is National Bullying Prevention Month! Don't miss the opportunity to educate with The Bully Games, a script for Grades 5-12 which motivates students to be courageous and fight against bullying in their schools. Most kids feel that bullying is wrong, but are often too afraid of bullies or social repercussions to speak up when they see injustices among their peers. Filled with the most up to date anti-bullying ideologies, the story shows through the experiences of five average teenagers how bystanders have the power to stop a bully in a matter of seconds simply by standing up for the victim with a few words! It also addresses the growing problem of cyberbullying.

In this mysterious journey through cyberspace, five teenagers from across the country are sucked into their smart phones and transported to a small, white room, with only one object: a gigantic 400G cell phone. Bewildered, they soon discover they are playing a real life video game that they must win before they will be returned home.

As they select options from the phone's menu, they are sent into five different bullying scenarios, where each person finds him or herself playing a different part: bystander, victim, or bully. At first, they feel stuck in their roles, but when they realize they are losing points in the video game, they discover they can break out of these roles and use their own power of courage to become "forstanders" to the victims!

The Bully Games (Image (Bully Games Characters)
Includes Roles at Stages 3-6
Designed for Students in Grades 5-12

Along the way, the characters learn about the often misunderstood dynamics of bullying, including the motivations of bullies, reasons a victim's plight is sometimes ignored or minimized, and what victims can do to discourage bullies themselves. More importantly, they learn how becoming a forstander destroys the "Bully Games" and how anonymous reporting of bullies is different from tattling. Internalizing these lessons, the kids pledge to start a nationwide, cyber-networked, Secret Super Hero Club to fight bullies everywhere!

With an included Super Hero Pledge, help your own students make a commitment to be courageous forstanders and address this important issue in real, effective ways! View purchasing details.

Free Webinar Resource Teaches Effective Role Assignment Techniques
You or your staff can watch any time!

Playbooks® Roleplay Reader™ shares another informative webinar to help you set your students up for success to read expressively with their peers! Specific tools and tips are taught for effectively assigning multi-leveled roles and structuring groups with purpose and care when implementing reader's theater. With these guidelines, you will be able to successfully match your students with character parts that fit their reading skills and interests. You will also learn how to best construct groups of readers who cooperate well and complement each other's personalities and strengths.

(Right) Sample slide from webinar, explained by Dianna Cleveland, reader's theater expert.

(Image) Role Assignment Webinar Slide 

The webinar also covers a simple fluency test for determining your students' Playbook® Reading Stages, or how to correlate other commonly used reading level scores that you may already have for your students to Playbook® Stages. You will also see how to use specialized forms to aid you in assigning roles and groups, and how to keep this information in an organized manner. Watch the webinar on role assignment by clicking here. You need only to enter your name in order to watch the webinar. No other information is required.

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Double Check Your Reader's Theater Program Methods:
Implementation Checklist

Are you already using Playbooks® Reader's Theater in your program? If so, review and share this quick checklist to make sure your sites are implementing the program with fidelity, purpose, and care for maximum results.

* Have you determined students' Playbook® Reading Stages using our Readability Test, or by converting known student reading levels with our correlation chart in order to appropriately assign roles?

* Have you done your best to match students with roles at or below their reading level whenever possible to ensure a positive, successful, expressive reading experience for every student?

* Have you structured groups in a multi-leveled way combining high, low and medium readers together (or students of different ages together)?

* Have you structured your reading groups with student personalities in mind (for example, including both shy and outgoing students) to create a beneficial balance and cooperative dynamics?

* Are you having students read the same roles 3-4 times before moving on to the next story in accordance with the guidelines of Repeated Guided Oral Reading?

* Have you used the Reading Behavior Test to encourage and measure other areas of reading growth in students such as using gestures, emotion, proper enunciation, good manners, etc. while encouraging engaging and expressive reading?

* Are you using the Performance Award Certificates to reward students for their roleplay reading efforts?

* Are you using the Story Rotation Chart to determine the best way to rotate scripts from group to group for your class size to ensure students read a variety of stories?

* Are you implementing supplemental activities that reinforce the story concepts by utilizing the worksheets provided?

* Are you scheduling a performance of one or two of the scripts over the course of the program for the entire class, parents, or other classes to watch, allowing students to shine and enjoy the spotlight with their reading accomplishments?

* Are you using the Student Information Sheet and the Pre- and Post Assessment Forms and Tracking Tools to assess student reading growth?

* Are you making the activity fun for students!?

Remember, please share with your site directors and coordinators!

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