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Give Your Reader's Theater Activities an Extra
"Wow" Factor

Reader's theater stands on its own as an engaging and magical drama experience, but you still might want to add an extra flair with your choice of simple features when possible.

  • Small Costume Pieces - Something as simple as a mustache, a wand, or a hat can help a child jump into the character's personality and even overcome shyness to be a star! View Mini-Costume Kits available.

  • Record Students Reading - Record on video or audio your students' reader's theater sessions and use as a learning tool - plus, they will be amazed by hearing or watching their own improvement with each repetition!

  • Project the Script - Project your script on your Smartboard for choral reading or hands-free student performances. View stories available in Powerpoint for interactive whiteboards.

  • Skype With Another Class - Collaborate with a class at a different school, nearby or across the country! Students in the two classrooms can take roles in the same script and practice separately and together over Skype for a truly progressive reader's theater adventure.

  • Choral Reading and Singing - Many Playbook® stories have choral reading including chants and songs built into the scripts so students can enjoy the benefits and power of bringing their voices together at the same time.

  • Simple Scenery - Use fabric, paper artwork, or project an image on your Smartboard or wall to serve as a suggestion of setting for your performance or activities.

  • Performance Award Certificates - Give certificates to each reader or to best performers in different categories. All Playbooks® materials come with standard award certificates, while Camp Reader's Theater™ Kits include award certificates for 6 different categories, including Best Performance in Comedy and Best Performance With Gesture.

  • Invite an Audience - Choose a favorite script to perform for another class or parents.

Why The Effectiveness
of Repeated Reading
Makes Sense

If you've ever read a book to a small child you're probably familiar with the idea of repeated reading. Not surprisingly, it turns out that the phenomenon of pre-school-aged children requesting to read the same story over and over has a purpose beyond a whim.

A study by a psychologist at Sussex University shows that 3-year old children learn new vocabulary words at a higher rate when they are read the same story containing the new words three times than when they are read three different stories containing the same new words.

The same concept holds true for school-aged readers, as we know through all of the evidence for Repeated Guided Oral Reading, but educators have a new challenge to address. Although the value of repeated readings is as strong as ever, under most circumstances, students are no longer interested in reading the same text again and again.

Reader's theater is the answer to giving repeated readings their own life and excitement! Taking on a character role requiring practice and preparation gives students a legitimate reason for repeated reading and holds their attention with a purpose. Reader's theater is an approved form of Repeated Guided Oral Reading, and many teachers and students would tell you it's the most fun!

(Image) Reader's Theater Activity

Make Nutrition Fun With Healthy Themes for School Lunch Week

National School Lunch Week is October 14-18! The School Nutrition Association provides tools, handouts, and marketing resources to help you prepare for this opportunity to improve your students' eating habits and promote life-long health.

Fabulous Food Detectives (Gr. 4-7)

(Image) Fabulous Food Detectives

Playbooks® offers several titles dealing with nutrition, including Fabulous Food Detectives, which focuses on teaching kids about balanced, healthy meals. Story characters take turns demonstrating practical, smart choices for packed or selected school lunches.

Synopsis: There's always something cooking at Kayley and Madison's house. Their father is "The Zesty Chef" on his own TV show, which features healthy cooking with whole foods. He creates the tastiest recipes on the planet! The whole family loves to experiment with science and with food. With their project for the school science fair, the Zest girls may have discovered a way to do both at once!

Also Available: Complete Healthy Themes Kit for
Gr. K-5 including 9 titles on a variety of health
and nutrition-related topics!

"The End of Bullying Begins With Me"
This Year's Theme for National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, inspiring students to stand up to bullying wherever they encounter it. Ideas for activities, campaigns, participation, and more can be found on the official web page for this important event.

Get the message across with the Playbooks® script, The Bully Games---a powerful tool for teaching the essential lesson of standing up to stop bullying. In this story, each character plays different a role in each scene, including bystander, victim, bully, and forstander (stands up for victim).

The Bully Games (Gr. 5-12)
(Image) Illustration from The Bully Games. Each character plays a different role such as bystander, "forstander" (stands up for victim), bully, and victim in each scene.

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