New Playbook® features musical Multiple Choice Rap, focusing on test-taking
skills with a fun strategy and enchanting story framework!

Questionella and the Perfect Prince
A Fairy Tale of Multiple Choices

An Original PlaybooStory
Written by Gregory and Kimberly Brown

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An entertaining, multi-cultural twist to the classic tale of Cinderella provides a universal lesson that makes this story ideal for students across a broad range.... from Grades 4 - 12!

Enhance test-taking skills with your students! Along with Questionella, your students will learn how to identify four main multiple choice test answer types, brought to life with character names, and put them together with information learned to always select the correct answer!

Students get to rap this creative test-taking strategy to a "rap beat" helping them to remember it forever!

The story of Questionella is not only a powerful Reader's Theater experience; it also makes a fantastic stage performance!

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Questionella and the
Perfect Prince:

A Fairy Tale of Multiple Choices

An Original PlaybooStory

Content for Grades 4 - 12
Reading Stages 2 - 5

Written by: Gregory Brown and
Kim Brown

Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier

Story Synopsis:  Long ago, in the enchanted kingdom of Think-a-lot, lived a young girl named Questionella. Her loving stepmother dreamed her smart stepdaughter might one day have a chance for a better life. As fate would have it, King Tassel decides to throw a ball so he can select one lucky lass to study with his son at the Royal University! Questionella is elated about attending … until she discovers she will have to pass a test to even meet the Prince! Still, with the help of her bookworm friend, Lil’ Confidence, a wacky unemployed Tooth Fairy, and a Town Crier who really cries, Questionella makes it to the palace. But … will our heroine learn how to choose the correct multiple choice answer when ALL of the four choices say “choose me?”  Can Questionella really pick the perfect Prince? Readers will not only have fun answering these questions … they will also learn definitive test-taking strategies as this fairy tale unfolds. Students (and their teachers) will learn proven ways to ease test anxiety while tackling that ever present dark cloud … the multiple choice test. The whole class will get caught up in a “hip hoppity” original Multiple Choice Rap, written and recorded especially for this Playbook® script. Warning … test-taking might actually become fun!

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Reader's Theater Exercise 22:
Build Test-Taking Skills
With a Mini Script

Last month's Reader's Theater Exercise helped you plan a Reader's Theater Family Night at your school for increasing parent involvement in their children's reading progress. This month's Reader's Theater Exercise focuses on how to ace reading comprehension tests, both standardized and for ordinary school grades.

The new Playbook®, Questionella and the Perfect Prince: A Fairy Tale of Multiple Choices (featured below), teaches a simple test- taking strategy in an entertaining way. With this month's Reader's Theater Exercise, get a sneak peek at this multiple choice test-taking method to share with your students.

Many students who enjoy learning still have a fear of tests. They worry that they will not be able to focus, won't have enough time to finish, or will simply be too nervous to choose the correct answers! Aside from the general recommendations of always making time to eat breakfast, getting a sufficient night's sleep, and being familiar with the material you will be tested on, it is also important to know how to approach answering each question.

Continue here for this month's free Reader's Theater Exercise including a Mini Script and Test-Taking Activity.

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Lights on Afterschool
October 22, 2009

On October 22nd 2009 - Teachers, political officials, families and children will gather for the 10th anniversary celebration of the Afterschool Alliances’ Lights on Afterschool.  This nationwide rally for afterschool programs includes over 7,500 events across the country that will take place in schools, parks and military bases.

This year, we are happy to announce that we will be offering two exciting give-aways in honor of Lights on Afterschool. Playbooks, Inc. will offer one lucky school a free AUTHOR BOOK SIGNING, and a separate school or district a free Downloadable story for every one of its teachers and sites!

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