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Dear Playbooks® followers and customers,

We are contenders to win a Mission Main Street Grant, which will give us the opportunity to bring the benefits of reader's theater to even more kids across the nation! However, we need your help to progress to the final round!

All of us at Playbooks® would greatly appreciate if you could take a moment to vote for us with just two clicks by visiting this link. Just click on the button below and then click on "Vote Now."

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We've already helped millions of students in K-12 school programs build reading fluency, confidence and comprehension, and this grant would allow Playbooks® to expand to families to encourage a love of reading and parent involvement. The U.S. Department of Ed has declared that reading aloud is the single most important activity parents can do with their children to ensure their future success, (and should continue through all grades).

Best wishes to all our fans and reader's theater educators and thank you for your support!

Download and Print a Playbook®
Script For the Holiday Season to Use With Students in Grades 3-5!

(Image) Story Illustration of Theo Turkey Pulling Santa's Sleigh on Christmas Eve

This downloadable Playbook® will help your students have fun with Thanksgiving and Christmas ... all in one twist of a tale! The story is designed for six readers and covers an atypically wide span of reading levels (Stages 2-5) to allow multiple classes and grades to enjoy this script together and even take part in a performance! Remember that easier parts can also be read by older or higher level readers.

In this wacky script, A Turkey's Christmas Wish, Timmy the pet turkey is jealous that the Christmas holiday gets so much attention compared to Thanksgiving. Through a crazy chain of events and pure motivation, he learns to fly like his wild turkey cousins, and actually becomes the first turkey to pull Santa's sleigh alongside flying reindeer! Students will love chanting along with all of Santa's reindeer about the "real turkey" who learns to fly!

Purchase the Story
to Download and Print For Only $7.95

Honor Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month
With Engaging Reader's Theater
From Playbooks®

In addition to being the month of Thanksgiving, November is also Native American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate American Indian tribal culture and tradition including art, history, and story-telling. Lesson plans and information for teachers are available here.

Playbooks® offers two titles to incorporate reading fluency growth into your November Social Studies curriculum, An Unexpected Path (set in Native American village) and Bound For Plymouth (story of the Pilgrim's voyage to America, part of the Journeys of Discovery two-book set).

Print a Handout for Reader's Theater Expressive Oral Reading Tips

Use this "Reading Reminders" sheet to hand out to students or post in your classroom. It includes both expressive oral reading strategies as well as a section on social skills and manners important while reading with other students. Below is a preview of the valuable ways for students to improve their skills in reading aloud.

Reading strategies to remember:

  • Speak clearly and enunciate
  • Vary your volume and pitch appropriately (loud and soft, high and low)
  • Adjust your rate/speed, read smoothly, and pause when appropriate (use punctuation to figure out when)
  • Read with emotion and emphasize key words where needed
  • (See more on the full sheet linked below!)

Social Skills to remember:

  • Stay in character throughout the story
  • Be considerate, polite, and encouraging to others
  • Listen to others when it is not your turn to read
  • (See more on the full sheet linked below!)
(Image) Reading Tips Sheet

Download Reading Reminders Handout to Print for Your Students

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