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Celebrate Summer Learning Day
June 21 - Plan an Activity Early
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Celebrate the importance of learning during the summer with Summer Learning Day on June 21st! Invite parents, community partners, and media to recognize the accomplishments of your program, and educate your audience on how to support academic achievement during the summer. Many resources are available here!

Since Playbooks® are a perfect tool for keeping kids engaged in reading over the summer, we are providing a mini reader's theater game featuring a Playbook® story, in partnership with the Summer Learning Association.

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Download the Take Center Stage™ mini
game here.


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Receive a quick quote for adding Playbooks® Reader's Theater to your summer curriculum---just answer a few questions about your program and student population at the link on the right.

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Playbooks® President Nominated
for National Reading Initiative
Reader's Theater is part of a fast-growing trend for fighting summer learning loss in out-of-school programming!

Playbooks® is proud to announce that its founder and president, Dianna Cleveland, has been nominated for the U.S. Department of Education's LET'S READ, LET'S MOVE Initiative, which is all about avoiding summer learning loss! So, you can feel confident you are using the best materials available with Playbooks® designed by experts!
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What is After School Using?
According to AfterSchool Today magazine,
they're using Playbooks®!

Dianna Cleveland, now considered to be the nation's foremost expert on the reader's theater methodology, is the author of AfterSchool Today magazine's article about reader's theater featured in the current Spring 2012 issue. The piece is included under the section of "What AfterSchool is Using." Her work has also been published by the magazine in the past. Read Dianna Cleveland's educational articles below!

Stamp Out Hunger™
Saturday, May 12
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The National Association of Letter Carriers, in collaboration with the Campbell Soup Company, is fighting hunger in America with the 20th anniversary of the largest single day food drive in the nation.

Collect and bag non-perishable food items, and on May 12, simply place next to your mail box. Your mail carrier will pick them up and deliver to a local food bank, helping hungry Americans in your community. Please share this event with your students, family, and friends and encourage them to participate, or volunteer to collect and prepare the food items for pick-up.

Fight Summer Learning Loss With
Camp Reader's Theater™ Kits

(Image) Camp Reader's Theater Kids

Camp Reader's Theater™ multi-story kits have flexible purchasing options designed to fit program lengths of 4 to 8 weeks, for specific grade ranges including K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.  

View All Camp Reader's Theater™ Kits.

Playbooks® sponsors the American Camp Association's (ACA) Explore 30 Camp Reading Program to bring reader's theater to campers and help prevent summer learning loss! Learn more about this program and the resources it provides.

(Image) American Camp Association Logo If you have current funds available, it would be wise to purchase some materials to use with your students before the end of the year.
This way they can be introduced to "roleplay reading" and might want to read other stories at home with their families over the summer.

Finding $$$ to Purchase Playbooks®

First, look for those end-of-year funds that can be lost if not spent. Ask for these funds based on "Emergency" that being that if they are not spent, they have to be returned! (Image) Get Funding clip art

Check with your supervisors, grant coordinators, or purchasing department for access to these funds. These funds are ideal for reading enrichment and we can help you finalize your expenditures by June 30.

If you don't have funds to utilize before June 30, we highly recommend you prepare an order form and submit it to your purchasing department on July 1 for next year's funds. You don't want to forget or run out of funding before getting these materials for your students! Time moves much too quickly and before you know it, it's gone and so is the money! So fill out one of our forms with the kits you want and attach it to your requisition and get it submitted early.

After School Kit Order Form
Camp Reader's Theater Kit Order Form
Individual Story Set Order Form

If you do not expect to have other funds available for purchasing reader's theater materials, then consider applying for some of the current grants for literacy or reading education listed here. You can find some helpful grant verbiage regarding reader's theater at this link! Good luck! We hope you are successful, and if you are, please let us know so we can reward you. Download our Tax ID - W9 and Sole Source Letter here for your purchasing department.

Lend & Extend Reader's Theater™
Avoid summer learning loss with enhanced parental involvement!

(Image) Lend and Extend Pack and Playbook Story Set If you're not holding a summer program, you can still do your part to reduce summer reading loss by encouraging students to read with their families and friends over the summer with Lend and Extend Reader's Theater™.

This simple accessory pack allows you to split a typical one-story set of six books into three Lend & Extend™ take-home packs, designed to be checked out of the classroom or school library. Summer break is a perfect time to send home Playbooks® with students. With extra time away from school, families can enjoy reading together and keep the learning flowing through to the next school year!

It's also a good idea to purchase kits for classroom use before students leave for the summer, to introduce "roleplay reading" so they might try reading other books aloud, in character, with family and friends at home over the summer.

Learn more and order here.

Through the Month of May,
Order Summer Fun Take Home Book Packs and Save

(Image) Summer Take Home Packs

Choose any two Playbook® titles to order as a Summer Fun Take Home Pack and get a 30% discount!

Each pack includes 4 book copies each of 2 titles, parent flyer in English and Spanish, supplemental activity packets, reader assignment guide, sparkle microphone prop, and award certificates. Call us for a title selection recommendation to customize your Summer Pack to fit your region and student culture! Offer expires May 31.


Prepare for End of the Year, EOG, and State Testing
in Grades 4-12
With Specially Designed Script

(Image) Multiple Choice Rap Image

Students get to learn and perform the Multiple Choice Rap, which accompanies the book on CD, helping them to remember this creative test-taking strategy forever! Watch the video with on-screen lyrics above.

Our "Feature Story of the Month" (details below) is Questionella and the Fairy Tale of Multiple Choices, a fractured fairy tale with a plot and characters crafted to teach test-taking skills with universal strategies for multiple choice tests as the story is brought to life. This makes it a perfect cross-curricular reading activity as end of the year tests approach.
(Image) The 4 princes: the 4 multiple choice options
Can Questionella identify the true prince and win a scholarship to the Royal University? It can be confusing since each one says "Choose me!"
in a different way.
So much of students' opportunities and achievements are based on test performance that simple guidelines on how to use what you know can make a huge difference in overall student success! Students from Grades 4-12 can benefit from this entertaining script.

Feature Story of the Month

(Image) Bound For Plymouth Cover

Questionella and the Perfect Prince:
A Fairy Tale of Multiple Choices

A Fractured Fairy Tale in

Content for Grades 4 - 12
Reading Stages 2 - 5

Written by: Gregory Brown
Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier

Long ago in the Enchanted Kingdom of Think-a-lot lived a young girl named Questionella. Her loving stepmother dreamed her smart stepdaughter might one day have a chance for a better life. As fate would have it, King Tassel decides to throw a ball so he can select one lucky lass to study with his son at the royal university! Questionella is elated about attending the dance … until she discovers she will have to pass a test to even meet the Prince! Still, with the help of her bookworm friend, Lil’ Confidence, a wacky unemployed Tooth Fairy, and a Town Crier who really cries, Questionella makes it to the palace. But … will our heroine learn how to choose the correct multiple choice answer when ALL of the four choices say “choose me?” Can Questionella really pick the perfect Prince? Readers will not only have fun answering these questions … they will also learn definitive test taking strategies as this fairy tale unfolds. Students (and their teachers) will learn proven ways to ease test anxiety while tackling that ever present dark cloud … the multiple choice test. The whole class will get caught up in a “hip hoppity” original Multiple Choice Rap, written and recorded especially for this Playbooks’ script. Warning … test-taking might actually become fun!

(Image) Questionella Characters

Click here to view summary and image of each character.

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from Playbooks® Reader's Theater!
Thank you for all you do
to help students shine academically, in the arts,
and in their personal development!
May 7-11, 2012

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Recognizing and Expressing Character Emotion

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