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Measurable Success with Playbooks® Reader's Theater
Washington, D.C. Summer Program Shares Report

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CentroNia’s Community Engagement and Education Department in Washington, D.C. implemented Playbooks Reader’s Theater curriculum to combat summer reading regression and reported great succcess!

Of the 175 students for whom they have both pre and post test data, 85% maintained or increased their reading levels over the summer!  Also, over 1/3 of these students actually INCREASED their reading levels in just 6 weeks! Their results were confirmed with alignment to student Fountas and Pinell reading levels in the fall. Read the entire report here and share it with others.

Close the "Achievement Gap"
With Reader's Theater in Your
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Nearly all students experience summer learning loss, and reading is a key area in which this setback is observed. Disadvantaged or at-risk students experience the greatest losses in reading achievement during summer break.

With proper engagement in learning over the summer, it is possible to minimize or eliminate summer learning loss, and even help close the achievement gap between disadvantaged and privileged students.

Reader's theater is both fantastically fun, and supported by research as a valuable tool for building fluency, making it a must for summer school curriculum!

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Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month, celebrating women's accomplishments, contributions to the good of society and our planet, and dedication and success in progressing women's rights. "Our History is Our Strength" is this year's theme. Incorporate your reading fluency curriculum into your women's history lessons with these Playbooks® featuring strong female characters (pictured below) and women's issues!

Namid is different from the other girls in her village. Soon she will be told what her job in the community will be, and she is worried about what task she will be given. As it turns out, she breaks the typical female mold and is destined to become a hunter. Happily, her Ojibwe family honors and embraces her unique place as a female skilled with bow and arrow.
In this story featuring famous Americans, young Amelia Earhart inspires present day students with her infectious motivation and drive to succeed. As the first woman and second aviator to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean, and the first person to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean, Earhart is a wonderful focus for a study of famous women in history.
In this "Rhyme Travel" sequel about "African American Heroes," Shirley Chisholm encourages young women to follow their dreams as leaders --- in politics, in their schools, and anywhere else they wish! Chisholm was the first African American woman elected to Congress, and the first woman seriously considered for a presidential nomination in a major convention!
The third edition in the "Rhyme Travel" series focusing on "Saving Planet Earth" brings Rachel Carson's environmental activist passion to the classroom. As the author of Silent Spring, documenting the disastrous effects of pesticides on wildlife, Carson made a huge impact on the filed of ecology and attitudes about being kind to our planet.

(Image) Princess Garbanza
Princess Garbanza
Princess and the Pea

In this twist of a classic fairy tale, Princess Garbanza proves that she is no traditional princess. She travels self-sufficently with no servants, and when she is expected to marry a particular prince according to royal customs, she will have none of it. With a silly and fun tone, this story does away ancient myths of female weakness and inspires young girls to have confidence in themselves.

For more lesson plans and ideas for Women's History Month,
visit the Library of Congress web site.

Featured Free "All About
Reader's Theater"
Activities For March

Camp Reader’s Theater™ Story With
Lesson on Classroom Behavior


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"Over-acting" With a Reading Buddy

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Feature Story of the Month
Celebrate Women's History Month with this
self-confident, "modern" princess!

(Image) Princess and the Pea Cover

Princess and the Pea

A Twist of a Timeless Tale
in Playbook®

Content for Grades 4-8
Reading Stages 3-5

Retold by: Margaret Ann Webber
Illustrated by: Antonio Nilo

Story Synopsis:

What happens when you mix one cold, soggy, yet self-confident princess, one eccentric, cunning queen with a good dose of common sense, one intelligent, yet extremely sarcastic royal servant, and 15 different ways to say the word "pea"? You end up with the perfect recipe for an incredibly funny and delightful twist to the classic story, The Princess and the Pea. This story will charmingly catch you off guard. It's modern, it's silly, it's fast-paced, and there's even a surprise ending! Will you see it coming?

Princess and the Pea Character Pad

Click here to view summary and image of each character.

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