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Have Money you MUST
Spend by June 30th?
Plus, How to Find Funding
for Next Year

Look for those end-of-year funds that can be lost if not spent!
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Check with your supervisors, grant coordinators, or purchasing department for access to these funds. These funds are ideal for reading enrichment and we can help you finalize your expenditures by June 30.

If you don't have funds to utilize before June 30, we highly recommend you prepare an order form and submit it to your purchasing department on July 1 for next year's funds. You don't want to forget or run out of funding before getting these materials for your students! Time moves much too quickly and before you know it, it's gone and so is the money! So fill out one of our forms with the kits you want and attach it to your requisition and get it submitted early.

After School Kit Order Form
Camp Reader's Theater Kit Order Form
Individual Story Set Order Form

If you do not expect to have other funds available for purchasing reader's theater materials, then consider applying for a grant to gain funding for these materials . You can find some helpful grant verbiage regarding reader's theater at this link! Good luck! We hope you are successful, and if you are, please let us know so we can reward you.

Celebrate Summer Learning Day June 21
Get a Free Playbooks® Mini Game

Celebrate the importance of learning during the summer with Summer Learning Day on June 21st! Invite parents, community partners, and media to recognize the accomplishments of your program, and educate your audience on how to support academic achievement during the summer. Many resources are available here!
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Since Playbooks® are a perfect tool for keeping kids engaged in reading over the summer and reversing summer learning loss, we are providing a mini reader's theater game featuring a Playbook® story, in partnership with the Summer Learning Association.

(Image) Take Center Stage Mini Game

Download the Take Center Stage™ mini
game here.


Get a Quick Quote for Your
Summer School Program or Camp

Receive a quick quote for adding Playbooks® Reader's Theater to your summer curriculum---just answer a few questions about your program and student population at the link on the left. Camp Reader's Theater™ Kits are available for summer programming.

Kick Off Summer With
a Reader's Theater Luau!

We love to share new, exciting ways for you to utilize reader's theater in the classroom or during out-of-school time programs, so here is a suggestion to help your students be fully engaged in a reader's theater experience. This themed activity can be used in the final weeks of the school year, during summer programs, or just keep it in mind for next year!

For a reader's theater luau, students can take turns in small groups performing reader's theater scripts for the rest of the class, while everyone enjoys tropical-themed snacks and costumes. You can have students make or bring leis to wear, depending on your students' ages and interests.

You can find a helpful guide for making paper flower leis at this link! Students should practice their scripts before the performances for a total of 3-4 readings so they gain all the benefits of Repeated Guided Oral Reading. You could even unite with other classes or grade levels for a larger school or program feast and celebration of the art of storytelling!
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Download Playbook® story samples
for classroom use here.

(Scroll down page past flip books for
printable mini-scripts.)

Prepare Your Fall Professional
Development Programming Plans Now!

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You don't want to miss out on using reader's theater to meet your literacy and reading enrichment goals, so be sure to include it in your Fall training sessions. Social interactive reading is the way of the future because it works! Students beg to participate, staff love implementing it, and you can cover any content, including STEM, with roleplay reading.

Playbooks® Roleplay Reader™ is offering training workshops to both new and existing customers, as an add-on to materials purchased or separately as training only. To accommodate budget restrictions, Workshops on the Web are also available to prepare and educate your staff.

Please contact us to check availability for a training at your time and location. Training can be tailored to accommodate a short 90-120 minute session or up to a half day.

Call 1-800-375-2926 or fill out this survey
for a custom staff training quote.

View more workshop details and pricing guide.

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Plan ahead and add Playbooks® Roleplay Reader
to your vendor system!

Simply submit our W-9 and Sole Source Letter to your district's
purchasing department to get the process started.

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