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You don't want to miss out on using reader's theater to meet your literacy and reading enrichment goals, so be sure to include it in your Fall training sessions. Social interactive reading is the way of the future because it works! Students beg to participate, staff love implementing it, and you can cover any content, including STEM, with roleplay reading.

Playbooks® is offering training workshops to both new and existing customers, as an add-on to materials purchased or separately as training only. To accommodate budget restrictions, Workshops on the Web are also available to prepare and educate your staff.

Please contact us to check availability for a training at your time and location. Training can be tailored to accommodate a short 90-120 minute session or up to a half day.

Staff Training Summary

Laugh while you learn in this training workshop teaching step-by-step implementation, and bringing expressive reading to life with fun volunteer demonstrations. Participants will learn how reader's theater is a powerful and effective reading enrichment activity for grades PK-12 for a multitude of learning platforms and is a fun and exciting method of social-interactive reading that students love!

Once they complete the training session, participants will be able to direct daily or weekly reader’s theater sessions and activities with their students in small groups, or train line staff on how to do so. Reader’s theater activities taught include role assignment and grouping techniques, script rotation and repetition (to meet the guidelines of Repeated Guided Oral Reading), and expressive reading coaching tips, interspersed with accompanying cross-curricular activities and/or acting games best used with the reader’s theater. Attendees will also learn how to track student progress with provided pre- and post-assessment forms and tools.

Session is interactive, with participants taking part in a reader's theater script in small groups of their peers and practicing implementation of the guidelines they just learned.

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Check-out Playbooks®
from the CASRC
Resource Library!

The California After School Resource Center offers Playbooks® Reader's Theater Kits and many other books through their Resource Library lending program. Become a registered borrower and add Playbooks® kits for Grades K-12 to your loan list! Options include Healthy Themes Kit for Grades K-5 (6 titles), Grades K-5 Kit (11 titles), After School Kit for Grades 6-8 (6 titles), and After School Kit for Grades 9-12 (5 titles). It's a great way to get started with reader's theater while you wait for funds or grants to come through.

Kick Off Summer With
a Reader's Theater Luau!

At Playbooks® we love to share new, exciting ways for you to utilize reader's theater in the classroom or during out-of-school time programs, so here is a suggestion to help your students be fully engaged in a reader's theater experience. This themed activity can be used in the final weeks of the school year, during summer programs, or just keep it in mind for next year!

For a reader's theater luau, students can take turns in small groups performing reader's theater scripts for the rest of the class, while everyone enjoys tropical-themed snacks and costumes. You can have students make or bring leis to wear, depending on your students' ages and interests.

You can find a helpful guide for making paper flower leis at this link! Students should practice their scripts before the performances for a total of 3-4 readings so they gain all the benefits of Repeated Guided Oral Reading. You could even unite with other classes or grade levels for a larger school or program feast and celebration of the art of storytelling! (Image) Illustration of girl reading with lei


Record an Old Fashioned Radio Drama with Reader's Theater!

(Image) Old fashioned radio

First explain the popularity of radio drama and plays before we had televisions. You could introduce the concept by sharing the story of one of America's most famous radio dramas, "The War of the Worlds," which led many listeners to believe that an alien invasion was actually taking place.

Next, have students work together in small groups with a reader's theater script to practice, prepare, and record themselves presenting it as a radio play. Challenge students to use everyday objects to create sound effects to enhance their performance, and together with vocal expression, to address the unique difficulties that arise when designing a play that will only be heard and not seen. Discuss how reader's theater, which usually includes a narrator role, works well as a "radio program" for this reason.

When the recordings are complete, have students listen to each other and themselves and critique their skills in reading with expression. (Studies have shown that while it is effective for students to listen to recordings of other students or adults reading, it is even better when students can record and listen to themselves reading in order to assess for areas of weakness and growth.) To make the experience more authentic, arrange desks around the audio device during playback like a family sitting around their radio in the 1930s!  

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Playbooks® President, Dianna Cleveland, is a Presenter again this year
at the upcoming
21st Century Community Learning Center Summer Institute

Remember, the
Summer Institute is Free to Attend!

The 21st Century CLC Federal Summer Institute is taking place July 30 - August 1, 2012 in New Orleans, LA. It's free to register, and you and your staff can sign up now at the official conference registration page. “Gateway to the Future: Supporting the Next Generation of Learners” is this year's theme, and approximately 2,500 educators are expected to attend. The conference schedule is filled with innovative and engaging workshop sessions, including reader's theater, to help attendees improve their programs to meet current U.S. Department of Education goals.

Playbooks® president and national reader's theater expert, Dianna Cleveland, will be teaching her reader's theater implementation workshop on the official agenda, returning to the Summer Institute for the second year in a row. Dianna Cleveland has trained thousands of educators in how to implement a research-based, measurable reader’s theater program with her workshop that focuses on effective strategies. Dianna has taught at numerous national and regional conferences, and consistently receives the highest ratings from participants.

Session Title and Description:
Using Social Interactive Reading to Improve Literacy and Build Student Reading Skills with
Reader’s Theater

Laugh while you learn how social interactive reading is essential for afterschool literacy programs, how reader’s theater is the best method, and how it meets grant requirements, improves reading fluency, comprehension, confidence, oral speaking skills, self esteem, and even decision-making skills! Students love it and your staff will too!

It's Not Too Late to Use Camp
Reader's Theater™ Kits This Summer!

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Camp Reader's Theater™ multi-story kits have flexible purchasing options designed to fit program lengths of 4 to 8 weeks, for specific grade ranges including K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. View All Camp Reader's Theater™ Kits.

(Image) American Camp Association Logo Playbooks® sponsors the American Camp Association's (ACA) Explore 30 Camp Reading Program to bring reader's theater to campers and help prevent summer learning loss! Learn more about this program and the resources it provides.

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For English Learners, Reading and STEM Are Mutually Supportive

The U.S. Department of Education is recently focusing attention on developing English Language Learners beyond a basic literacy goal and encouraging them reach their potential in STEM fields, contributing to a bilingual and multi-skilled workforce. However, to excel in STEM and other subjects in an English-based education system and country, they still need to learn English thoroughly. By incorporating reading/language and STEM in joint activities, the two essential studies can support each other and help drive student interest in learning.

(Image) Kids doing STEM and reading equals success!

A webinar by the National Association for English Language Acquisition has described the effectiveness of using scientific inquiry to build language development, but it is often a challenge to work such hands-on, free-form activities into a typical structured curriculum. Social interactive reading like reader's theater, containing a plotline exploring STEM topics or using scientific methods of discovery and problem solving, can provide the same benefits but is very simple to fit into curriculum.

Playbooks® offers several compelling STEM titles, including our feature story of the month, Planet Parade (Gr. 4-7), which explores the characteristics of the solar system, and with cross-curricular activities, delves into mathematical planetary calculations. Students will also enjoy Who Gives a Hoot (Gr. 4-8), which challenges readers to solve the mystery of a missing key with a scientific solution involving owl pellets! See additional stories available under Science and Math on our Content Themes page. New STEM titles are scheduled to be added to our library this year, so be sure to watch for their release!

As a Foundations, Inc. "Literacy and Language For All" blogger writes, "The bottom line: youth who love STEM are motivated to read; youth who read have the skills to master STEM; and youth who study STEM have a brighter future ahead of them."  So use this bond to the advantage of your English Language Learners, letting social interactive reading and STEM exploration propel achievement on both fronts.

Feature Story of the Month

(Image) Planet Parade Cover

Planet Parade

An Original PlaybooStory

Content for Grades 4 - 7
Reading Stages 2 - 5

Written by: Sharon Brinkerhoff
Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier

Synopsis: The planets in our solar system have been moving around the sun along the same paths, for billions of years! That's a lot of time to keep do the same thing in the same place. Some planets have started to get bored, and even lonely! They are grumbling about their places in the solar system. After all, it can get a little too toasty if you are near the sun, but downright freezing if you’re too far away from it. When the planets contemplate trading their spots in the planet parade, will the solar system continue to operate like normal or will our planetary friends spin into chaos?

(Image) Questionella Characters

Click here to view summary and image of each character.

Reader's Theater, Jr.™
Unique Series For Early Childhood Reading Development

(Image) RT Jr.

Reader's Theater, Jr.™ allows
Pre-K and Kindergarten
students (up through struggling readers in the first grade) to participate in reader's theater with a step-by-step approach that provides material at a level they can master, and fosters growth to allow students to get into character and be part of a story!
Learn more about this innovative reading and story format.

Featured Free "All About Reader's Theater" Activity

Synchronize Reading with
Movement to Improve Skills

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