Turn an Ordinary Reading Lesson into "Reader's Theater Idol" with Reader's Theater!

Reader's theater appeals to students because it is like being in a movie or television show ... they get to act and be a star! So the activity lends itself very well to a competition or "television performance" role play. Take your reader's theater program to the next step and hold a "Reader's Theater Idol" contest in your classroom! (Image) Playbooks(r) Reader's Theater Idol!

Follow these simple steps:

Familiarize students with the "Reader's Theater Idol" score system, provided here, and remind students to pay attention to these guidelines when reading their parts.

Then, have students practice their story scripts in small groups (5-8 students) three times before the final competition, which is recommended to gain the benefits of Repeated Guided Oral Reading. This process can span a 1-2 week period or more.

Finally, get ready to crown your "Reader's Theater Idols!" Pass out copies of the score sheet to each student and assign each group a number. For the competition, have students score each group's performance using the score system, including their own, to ensure proper student attention and reflection on proper reading habits. Make sure students remember to label each score sheet with the group's number. For younger students, you may need to read the scoring guidelines aloud as they fill out the forms. The winning "Reader's Theater Idol" group is determined by the highest number of points awarded!

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(Image) Free Sparkle Microphone Props

For more "Reader's Theater Idol" ideas and accompanying activities, see this free lesson plan from ReadWriteThink. ReadWriteThink provides free classroom lesson plans and activites for reading and literacy, designed and reviewed by experienced educators.

June Holidays: The Serious,
the Fun, and the Crazy

Fill your reader's theater curriculum with June themes this month! Check out these holidays ranging from educational and honoring ... to silly and relaxed. Each holiday mentioned is paired with a complementing Playbook® story your students will enjoy! Click on each story title or book cover for a synopsis and details.

International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

The Hairless Bear

(Image) The Hairless Bear Book Cover

June 19th

The Great Rhyme Travel Machine II: African American Heroes

(Image) Rhyme Travel 2 Cover

Family History Day
June 14th

The Mustermill Project

(Image) Mustermill Project Cover

National Fruits and Veggies Month

The Three Goats Gruff Go to the Greener Side


(Image) Three Goats Gruff Go to the Greener Side Book Cover

Watermelon Seed Spitting Week
June 23-26

Mini, the Super Watermelon

(Image) Three Goats Gruff Go to the Greener Side Book Cover

Take Your Dog
to Work Day

June 24

Sam's Secret

(Image) Three Goats Gruff Go to the Greener Side Book Cover
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Take Center Stage™ Reader's Theater Game
Fun For Summer School/Programs and Families!

Take Center Stage™ is a hilarious stage acting game with reader's theater! Groups of students in educational programs, parents and their children, or kids and their friends, read a script together and then play the game where they get to “over-act” scenes and lines from the story with funny expressions and character types, similar to the improvisational actors on the TV show, "Whose Line is it Anyway?"

Game play is directed by an easy-to-follow score sheet which tells players when to draw from each of 4 decks of cards, each prompting a different category of activity. Game packs are individualized to accompany specific Playbook® stories--choose from 12 different stories!

(Image) Kids playing Take Center Stage reader's theater game(TM)

Get free materials for the summer: Playbooks is providing a free mini version of the Take Center Stage™ game for Mini, the Super Watermelon for teachers to send home with students.

Parent Flyer Image
Click here for Parent Flyer
This entertaining game with its healthy theme of learning about the nutritious value of watermelon is ideal for parents and their kids to read and play over the summer. You can either download the parent flyer to send home, which shows a link so families can download the mini game, or download and print the mini game to send home with students.

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Activities For June

Help Your Students Eliminate Poor
Speaking Habits Over the Summer

(Image) Classroom Behavior Exercise

Engage Both Readers and
Audience With Costumes

(Image) Overacting RT Exercise

Feature Story of the Month
Important Reminder For Students to Stay Hydrated
as the Weather Heats Up!

(Image) Rhyme Travel 2 Cover

Water Works

An Original PlaybooStory

Content for Pre-K - First Grade
Reading Stages 0 - 2

Written by: Sharon Brinkerhoff
Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier

Story Synopsis:  Water is everywhere. We can see it running down the street or watering lawns. We drink it and brush our teeth with it and wash our hands with it ... but do we ever think about how important it is for our bodies? Why do we need it? What does it do? This fast moving, funny story in rhyme will answer those questions and more. It explains why water is so much better for us than soda pop, and instills in children a desire to drink more water with a funny surprise ending!

(Image) BoundForPlymouth Character Pad

Click here to view summary and image of each character.

June Special

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(Image) Planet Parade Cover
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Lend & Extend Reader's Theater™
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(Image) Lend and Extend Pack and Playbook Story Set

This simple accessory pack allows you to split a typical one-story set of six books into three Lend & Extend™ take-home packs, designed to be checked out of the classroom or school library. Learn more and order here.


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