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Key Workshops in Phoenix Next Week

Achieve Successful Outcomes in Literacy and Reading Enrichment with Role-play Reading and Reader's Theater Methodology

Drama and Roleplay Reading Kids

Tuesday, July 19 - 1:45 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Room 213-AB

(seating available for 100 people at each workshop)

Thursday, July 21 - 10:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. Room 106-AB

If you miss both of these workshops, click here to watch a similar workshop online.

Get Your Free Sparkle Microphone Prop at the workshop (while supplies last)

This glittery microphone is the perfect prop for the Narrator role during role-play reading with Reader's Theater.

Free Sparkle Microphone

Also, come to our booth #202 in the Exhibit Hall for free samples and see colorful books, kits, games, and accessories that students and teachers love!


Reader's Theater Proven Successful!

Outcomes Report

Click here for an outcomes report showing 85% success with Reader's Theater

Pre- and Post Assessment Module Comes with Every Reader's Theater Kit

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Meeting Grant Requirements with Reader's Theater

21st Century CLC and Many Other Grant Objectives for Reading Are Met With Role-play Reading Kits

After School Programs need:

Reading material that allows students to read aloud
(not silently) and not to be read aloud by instructors where students are building listening skills instead of reading skills)

Reading materials that are research-based and accommodate students of different grades in the same group reading activity

Reading program that is measurable and sustainable

Reading program that is fun and engaging and does not mirror or feel like reading activities from the regular school day

Is your after-school reading curriculum meeting your grant objectives? Is it working to build reading skills?

Click here for a listing of our After School Kits and get started right away in meeting your grant objectives effectively.

For a grant narrative (to copy and paste from) to include Reader's Theater in your next grant application, click here.

Measure Your Success with Reader's Theater
21st CCLC Assessment Tools
Measurement of success is an integral objective of the 21st CCLC grant. Are you measuring your success in the reading/literacy category?