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Playbooks® Features of the New Year for Grades PK-12!

Early Childhood/Early Elementary

(Image) Wow Vowels Cover

Wow Vowels - Reader's Theater, Jr.™
Pre-K - 1st Grade
Teaches Vowels

(Image) How Many Are We Cover

How Many Are We? - Reader's Theater, Jr.™
Pre-K - 1st Grade
Teaches Numbers


(Image) The Great Rhyme Travel Machine I Cover

The Great Rhyme Travel
Machine I: Famous Americans

Grades 3-6

Features childhood versions of
Amelia Earhart and Thomas Edison Great for January Themes!

January 11, 1935, Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly
solo across the Pacific Ocean

(Image) The Great Rhyme Travel Machine II Cover

The Great Rhyme Travel
Machine II: African
American Heroes

Grades 3-6

Features childhood versions of Shirley Chisholm and George Washington Carver - Great for February Themes!

February is Black History Month

(Image) The Great Rhyme Travel Machine III Cover

The Great Rhyme Travel
Machine III: Saving Planet Earth

Grades 3-6

Features childhood versions of
Rachel Carson and John Denver
Great for April Themes!

April 22 is Earth Day

Junior High/High School

(Image) The Comedy of Errors Cover

The Comedy of Errors
Grades 6-12
Shakespeare Collection

(Image) Romeo and Juliet Cover

Romeo and Juliet
Grades 6-12
Shakespeare Collection

Meet Core Standards
for Writing With
Reader's Theater Tie-Ins

The Common Core State Standards emphasize writing as much as reading ... and you can meet these writing standards with reader's theater activities. This helps you get the most out of class time while building fluency. The Standards encourage instruction in a wide variety of writing genres, and reader's theater addresses the category of dramatic writing.

Use these two free activities from Playbooks® (download below), or create your own writing prompts based on reader's theater texts you're using in the classroom.

"Saving Planet Earth" Writing Activity
(Grades 3-6)

Shakespeare Writing Activity
(Grades 6-12)

In addition, most Playbook® stories come with supplemental packets that include writing activities, so reader's theater becomes a simple way to draw writing standards into your curriculum!

Confidence and Motivation Play
Key Roles in Reader's Theater Success

Reader's theater is highly effective at building fluency for many reasons, but one of the most important is because of its ability to quickly build confidence and motivation to read. The following excerpt is from a study about the benefits of reader's theater by Steven Rinehart:

Karl quietly turned to this tutor and, in an aside, offered up a clue about his feelings. ``Don’t think for a minute that I'm getting up there,’’ he said. But over the course of the next several weeks, Karl did get up there. He became much more involved in the group time and by his own choice.
(Rinehart 72)

The study found that not only did group reading with reader's theater become Karl's favorite time, it also became the favorite of most of the students! Instructors' reports in the study made numerous notes of the effects of reader's theater on student attitudes, even commenting that because they were beginning the day with reader's theater, "the day seems to be set for cooperation and success’’ (Rinehart 85). Another observation included found that Alexandra, a struggling reader, was proud of herself when successfully participating in reader's theater (Rinehart 85). Teachers are consistently seeing similar growth through reader's theater in their classrooms across the nation!

Source: Rinehart, Steven. "Don't Think for a Minute That I'm Getting Up There"’: Opportunities for Reader's Theater in a Tutorial for Children With Reading Problems. Journal of Reading Psychology, Vol. 20 (1999) :71- 89.

Evaluate Student Oral Reading
Skills With Free Rubric

Download a Rubric for Scoring and Tracking
Student Progress in Oral Reading Habits

(Image) Expressive Reading Rubric

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