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If you are a teacher who has 6 or more points with DonorsChoose.org, you can submit a "Special Request" for Playbooks® materials! This option allows teachers to pick any vendor for their project outside of the Donors Choose eSchoolMall.

If you meet the qualification (have at least 6 points), when starting your project, simply select the "Special Request" option on Step 2 of the submission process. Then enter the Playbooks® items you are requesting in Step 4 when you build your materials cart.

DonorsChoose.org provides a wonderful opportunity for teachers to ask for much needed materials like reader's theater and receive funding through a non-traditional pathway. Projects submitted to Donors Choose have nearly an 80% chance of being funded* by donors, so take advantage of this creative system which gives educators more ways than ever to get high quality reader's theater into their classrooms!

*For projects under $400

View Suggested Playbooks® Projects Under $400 for
Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12

Read more about DonorsChoose.org Special Requests
and the submission process.

"Roleplay Reading" is a Staple for Any Title I Program - Be Sure
You're Following the Most Up to Date Model and Strategies

Reader's theater and "roleplay reading" techniques, as an approved and popular form of Repeated Guided Oral Reading and a "social interactive" activity, have long been shown to be effective methods for building reading fluency in Title I programs, (See article below, "Satisfy Common Core State Standards with Reader's Theater") but going beyond the basics can make a significant difference in student growth.

Playbooks® Roleplay Reader™ materials are patented, and the most highly developed form of reader's theater. It might seem like opting for free scripts is good enough when considering budget issues, but these texts are usually missing many of the most important elements of modern reader's theater methodology. We ensure that our products contain the three marks of the most advanced reader's theater format: multi-leveled roles, color-coded text, and balanced, interactive reader participation. Ignoring the benefits of these features limits the ultimate success of your program, while expanding the boundaries of traditional reader's theater helps your students reach their full potential!

Just as important as the format of the materials is the way they are implemented in the classroom - but don't worry, Playbooks® makes it easy! All Playbooks® multi-story kits include an implementation guide based on reader's theater expert, Dianna Cleveland's revolutionary "10 Story Rotation and Repetition" model for program optimization. The twelve page document leads you and your staff every step of the way with useful forms, instructions, and practical tips. A training webinar is also included.

Know your terminology: What's the difference between Repeated Guided Oral Reading, roleplay reading, social interactive reading, and reader's theater?

Repeated Guided Oral Reading: Any method of reading practice in which students read aloud, repeat the same text 3-4 times, and are given guidance/feedback while they read. This is accepted as the best proven method of building fluency.
Roleplay reading: Any activity in which a child takes the personality of a character and reads the role aloud with emotion and expression.

Social interactive reading: A reading activity that allows students to read in groups and speak with each other ... not to each other, while directly improving reading skills, which capitalizes on students' desires to connect with one another,
Reader's theater: Reader's theater brings the three components above together in one practical classroom activity as students read from a script to bring a character role (or narrator) to life, interacting through conversational dialogue between characters in a script. Students read in small groups and easily repeat the same roles in the same script 3-4 times since they are having so much fun!

Satisfy Common Core State Standards
with Reader's Theater

(Image) Common Core State Standards

Reader's theater meets nearly 50 objectives in the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy! Reference to drama is woven throughout the entire 66-page document, revealing reader's theater as applicable to sections addressing literature, language, fluency, and even writing. Per the elements in these standards, roleplay reading is an activity spanning every corner of the subject!

Review the following excerpts
from the Standards directly involving drama:
(These are just a few examples of many.)

* Describe how a narrator’s or speaker’s point of view influences how events are described (RL6.3).
* Analyze how particular lines of dialogue or incidents in a story or drama propel the action, reveal aspects of a character, or provoke a decision (RL 8.3).
* Apply grade 5 Reading standards to literature (e.g., “Compare and contrast two or more characters, settings, or events in   a story or a drama, drawing on specific details in the text [e.g., how characters interact]”) (W 5.9).
* Compare and contrast the varieties of English (e.g., dialects, registers) used in stories, dramas, or poems)
(L 5.3).

(Image) Get STEAMED with STEM

More and more educators across the country are beginning to realize that "STEM" leaves out one very valuable element. So we all need to consider STEAM for our programs by adding the Arts! Creativity is essential to the growth of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields, being a major factor in innovation, the driving force behind the development of new discoveries and inventions that better our society. Transforming STEM into STEAM helps students get into that creative frame of mind and can build practices that will serve our future STEM professionals in achieving true progress.

Teaching STEM subjects through theater arts can help students see them in a new way and can help different "types" of learners excel. Theater arts engages students and is an excellent vehicle for teaching traditional STEM lessons in a way that facilitates internalization, comprehension, and retention of information ... and the scientific spirit!

View Playbook® multi- story kits
in line with STEAM:

STEM Kit (Gr. 4-8)

Math and Science Kit (Gr. K-8)

All titles are also available as individual story sets. See price list or browse stories online.

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