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(Image) Amelia Earhart Illustrated as Child in Rhyme Travel 1
Amelia Earhart in
The Great Rhyme
Travel Machine I

January Themes Make it a Perfect Time
For Playbooks® Scripts
The Great Rhyme Travel Machine I:
Famous Americans

The Great Rhyme Travel Machine II:
African American Heroes
(Image) George Washington Carver Illustrated as Child in Rhyme Travel 2
George Washington Carver
in The Great Rhyme
Travel Machine I I
Celebrate the 77th Anniversary
of Amelia Earhart's
Record Breaking Flight
(Image) Amelia Earhart

On January 11, 1935, Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean. Because she is such an inspiring figure for girls and boys alike, Earhart is featured in our popular Playbook®, The Great Rhyme Travel Machine I: Famous Americans, as a hero studied by present-day students. Readers will meet her and Thomas Edison, or younger versions of them as children, in this entertaining Playbook® that shows how kids can grow up to have such a great impact on the world.

Focusing on Amelia Earhart’s determination presents a great opportunity to teach students about following their dreams.
The title of her book, For the Fun of It, shows that Earhart truly loved aviation. Her fun spirit is also demonstrated in the young version of Amelia Earheart portrayed in the The Great Rhyme Travel Machine Playbook®. Shown below in this story illustration, Amelia, as a 12 year-old, is bounding out of a time-travel machine built by students for the school's Invention Fair ... after it mysteriously and magically works! The story creates opportunities for students to use their imaginations and creativity in admiring and honoring famous people of the past.

(Image) Amelia Earhart in The Great Rhyme Travel Machine

12-year-old Amelia Earhart bursts out of the
Great RhymeTravel Machine and inspires modern day characters with her determination and spirit!

(Image) Martin Luther King, Jr.
Observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
and Inspire Your Students to be Leaders

Monday, January 16 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, giving educators a precious opportunity to encourage understanding of past civil rights issues and inspire students to continue making the world a better place for all as they grow and have the power to make change!

The popular Playbook® title, The Great Rhyme Travel Machine II: African American Heroes, opens with a beloved teacher's childhood diary account of her attendance at Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous speech. Kelly is so inspired by the true story that she makes a last minute decision to join the race for sixth grade class president! When Kelly struggles with the fact that she doesn't look like any of America's past presidents, the Great Rhyme Travel Machine brings two special visitors to help boost her confidence: childhood versions of George Washington Carver and Shirley Chisholm! This endearing tale encourages all children to be leaders and work for the good no matter their appearance or backgrounds.

(Image) Kelly shakes hands with Shirley Chisholm in The Great Rhyme Travel Machine II

Kelly shakes hands with 12-year-old
Shirley Chisholm, her confidence in running
for class president and achieving
any other goal renewed!

Lunch and Learn: Quick and Easy Staff Development
(Image) Lunch and Learn Graphics

Playbooks® is now offering a new simple staff development opportunity that allows for limited time and flexibility. This miniature 30- minute reader's theater implementation webinar can be purchased ahead of time and played during the staff lunch break, or any other convenient time that best fits into your school's schedule. Webinar focuses on the use of multi-leveled and color-coded reader's theater and its many benefits for effectively grouping students in a Repeated Guided Oral Reading activity and helping readers follow and take ownership of their roles.

Purchase the 30-minute webinar for a quick
professional development session.

Focus on Community Helpers and Early Childhood Reading Development

(Image) Child with Fire Fighter father

Playbooks, Inc.'s Reader's Theater, Jr.™ line offers a variety of specially designed stories with developmentally appropriate topics for Pre-K- 1st Grade. This month, help your students make a New Year's resolution to be helpers in their families and classrooms by teaching about community helpers with People Pals, one of the ten topic sets available. In the unique Reader's Theater, Jr.™ format, each topic set includes one full length reader's theater story and five mini stories which are designed to be read first and help prepare young readers for vocabulary and themes in the full length story.

In People Pals, four students' parents visit the classroom and each child shares what his or her parent does as a community helper. Among the special guests are firefighter, a police officer, a mail carrier, a garbage man ... and even the classroom teacher herself! With a fun building and repeating rhyme about "People Pals," readers are encouraged to think about how they themselves can help and what sort of People Pal they might like to be one day.

The story set comes with age-appropriate supplemental activities for reinforcing the story content. Download this sample activity from the People Pals Topic Set about community helpers to preview or use with students in the classroom.

Feature Story of the Month

(Image) Bound For Plymouth Cover

The Great Rhyme Travel
Machine I: Famous Americans

An Original PlaybooStory

Content for Grades 3 - 6
Reading Stages 2 - 5

Written by: Gregory Brown
Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier

Synopsis:  On the eve of the Summersville Elementary Invention Fair, twins, Melinda and Marcus, are still racing to finish a most unusual project. Their invention, The Great Rhyme Travel Machine, is designed to bring famous people from the past into the future! It may only be a cardboard box with aluminum foil and some lights, but it could hold a big surprise! The students know their machine doesn’t have to actually work to win the competition. Creativity and vision is what counts with the judges. When their favorite teacher, Miss Chalk, lets them stay after school to finish their invention, the twins begin to hear strange noises in their classroom. Mysteriously and magically, their machine works and out come two famous people, Amelia Earhart and Thomas Edison! This fun and creative story provides opportunities for students to use their imaginations in admiring and honoring famous people of the past. Great for Social Studies content.

(Image) Rhyme Travel  Characters
Click here to view summary and image of each character.

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