Focus on Months and Seasons For the Start of the Year
Free Themed Activity
For Preschool - 2nd Grade

The beginning of the new year can be a perfect time for young students to learn about months and seasons in order from the logical starting point of the annual cycle.

Playbooks® recommends My Season from its Reader's Theater, Jr. collection, a story set teaching the characteristics of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. In this fun set consisting of five mini books and one main story, each season has a speaking role as it hopes to be chosen by Lin as her very favorite season!

To accompany the reader's theater story or as an independent activity to incorporate into your lesson plan, Playbooks® is providing a free activity for teaching how the months and seasons are intertwined and how they fall on the calendar year.

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(Image) Winter Snowman Illustration

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:
Remembering the Struggle

Martin Luther King Day is Monday, January 17th this year, so be prepared to provide your students with a cross-curricular civil rights activity!

To kids today and even a generation ago, it might seem like Martin Luther King Day and its accompanying yearly lessons have been around forever - and that equal rights have always
been values taught to all.
(Image) Martin Luther King, Jr.

In reality, Martin Luther King Day was only celebrated as an official federal holiday in January 1986, and it took an amazing effort for the holiday to be approved. By that time, the King Memorial Center had been celebrating day in honor of King's birthday for 17 years, since the year after King's assassination. King's widow, Coretta, and Stevie Wonder were among many who fought for a bill establishing Martin Luther King Day as a nationally recognized holiday.

Today, educators have a precious opportunity to encourage understanding of past civil rights issues and inspire students to continue making the world a better place for all as they grow and have the power to make change!

Playbooks® on Topic
Check out The Great Rhyme Travel Machine 2:
African American Heroes
for a tale inspiring students
to be leaders and work for the good!

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Participate in the Reader's Theater, Jr.™
Pilot Program
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of Our Development Process

(Image) Reader's Theater, Jr. Full Set We're looking for customer feedback on our newly launched series for early childhood reading development, Reader's Theater, Jr.! The 10 story topic sets employ unique methods to help emerging readers gain fluency rapidly while having fun with a dramatic classroom activity.

By participating in our pilot program and offering feedback you can be a part of the important development process that every educational product requires!

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This Month's Featured Story
Reader's Theater, Jr.™ Topic Set For Teaching
Healthy Eating Habits!

Just Try It

Just Try It!

An Original Playbook® Story

Content for Grades PK-1

Differentiated Reading Levels of Good, Better, and Best

Written by: Sharon Brinkerhoff
and Krista Lawson
Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier

Synopsis: Students in this story are challenged to try new foods  with a week long taste test of the five food groups! They learn that eating a variety of types of healthy foods is vital for our health, and that you shouldn’t be afraid to try new things just because they look funny, feel funny, smell funny, or sound funny.  You never know—you just might like them!

(Image) reader's theater characters for Just Try It!
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