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Reader's Theater Helps Students
"Connect to Reading"
Bounds of Learning Styles

(Image) Learning Types Everyone has strengths and weaknesses in academics, and everyone absorbs learning and information better through some ways and means than others. So it is wise to reinforce concepts and subjects with a variety of approaches, and reader's theater easily appeals to several learning styles at once! Four of the most common types of learners are:

Visual - learn through sight
Auditory - learn through song, rhythm, and listening
Verbal - learn through speaking out loud
Kinesthetic - learn through motion, touch, and taste

Reader's theater, and especially the Playbooks® format, has the power to reach all of these students! Visual learners will benefit from seeing the words on the page, with different parts in different colors. Auditory learners will soak up the songs and chants found in many of our scripts, along with hearing other students read with expression. Verbal learners will gain the most from bringing their own roles to life with their voices, and kinesthetic learners, often the most difficult to teach, will thrive with opportunities to manifest body language and facial expression as they portray their parts.

Help the learners in your classroom connect to reading through reader's theater with imaginative and social engagement, and a broad range of aspects that shape to the needs of individual students!

What Do Students
Really Think
Reader's Theater?

What teachers have been saying for years is true ... kids love reader's theater ... and what's more than that is they actually understand how much it is helping them! Here are some student responses from peer reviewed studies in which students were asked about reader's theater they had participated in:

  • When asked how reader's theater made them feel about their reading, 97% responded with the facial expression that indicated the most excitement.

  • When asked if they would like to do readers' theater again, 90% said they
    would like to do it every week.

  • After participation in reader's theater, 37% chose reader's theater as their favorite subject, whereas before the study only 18% had chosen reading.

  • "I like readers' theater because it is helping me be better at reading and teaching me new words."

  • "When you read and read a lot, you get to read more books."

  • "That is how you get better. It is fun. Rereading is good."

Source: Garret and O'Connor 2010, Rinehart 1999

Be a Part of World
Read Aloud Day
March 5, 2014

(Image) World Read Aloud Day Logo

World Read Aloud Day, promoted by LitWorld, raises awareness for the right to acquire reading and writing skills for all children in countries worldwide. Participation has grown from 35 countries and 40,000 participants in 2010 to 65 countries and over a million participants in 2013! This event recognizes the vital importance of reading aloud and sharing stories socially in developing literacy.

Incorporate reader's theater into your celebration with an activity during the school day, or even host a Parent Night to boost reading engagement at home.

Download free Playbooks® mini scripts and activity guide here.

View additional resources for World Read Aloud Day from LitWorld.

February is Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and although its name suggests the rightful and important remembrance of the past, it is equally essential to motivate students to look into the future and shape it for the better. African American students today still face challenges which their white peers do not, so students of all colors and ethnicities must work together for progress.

Reader's theater is a powerful vehicle for driving personal development. Reading the Playbook® story, The Great Rhyme Travel Machine II: African American Heroes is one fun way for encouraging students to grow into citizens supporting and participating in racial equality. The script depicts modern day students who magically meet inspirational African Americans in our country's past and convert that knowledge directly into positive growth for the future! View story details and purchasing options.

(Image) Illustration:  Kelly Meets Shirley Chisholm
An inspired Kelly meets childhood version of
U.S. Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm!

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