Celebrate Black History Month
With the Inspirational "Great Rhyme
Travel Machine"

February is Black History Month, and although its name suggests the rightful and important remembrance of the past, it is equally essential to motivate students to look into the future and shape it for the better. African American students today still face challenges which their white peers do not, so students of all colors and ethnicities must work together for progress.

Our feature title of the month, The Great Rhyme Travel Machine II: African American Heroes is one fun option for helping students grow towards this goal. The story depicts modern day students magically meeting inspirational African Americans in our country's past and converting that knowledge directly into positive growth for the future! See below for story and character details or continue here for purchasing options.

(Image) Illustration of Kelly in African American Heroes Story
"I'm every child, of every color."
Kelly, speaking with confidence for her school election in
The Great Rhyme Travel Machine II: African American Heroes

(Image) Prepare for End of Grade Test Success!Prepare For End of Year Testing Success!

It's time to make sure that your students will be fully prepared for End of Grade or end of the year testing! Test-taking success is about more than just knowing the material. Some students deal with serious nerves and other issues when facing tests, and learning proven test-taking strategies can be very beneficial in maximizing testing success!

Questionella and the Fairy Tale of Multiple Choices is an entertaining, multi-cultural twist to the classic tale of Cinderella that provides a universal lesson to enhance test-taking skills and confidence, making this story ideal for students across a broad range.... from Grades 4-12! Along with Questionella, your students will learn how to identify four main multiple choice test answer types, brought to life with character names, and put them together with information learned to always select the correct answer!

Students get to learn and perform the Multiple Choice Rap, which accompanies the book on CD, helping them to remember this creative test-taking strategy forever! View story details here.

Read what Questionella author and Reading Specialist, Gregory Brown, has to say about his own childhood struggles with test taking and what is essential for helping students reach their full potentials.

(Image) Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks

Identify African American Accomplishments and Practice
Reading With Expression

February is Black History Month, celebrated to recognize the cultural and social contributions of earlier generations of African Americans to our country, and the significant effect their history has had on all other aspects of American life.In observance of Black History Month, our Reader's Theater Exercise for February will help your students learn about the accomplishments of various African Americans while also practicing reading with expression.

You students will have a blast acting out the roles of famous writers, scientists, politicians, and more while their classmates try to identify the person based on their knowledge of African Americans' achievements in history. The activity features inspiring and well-known quotations. Download this free Reader's Theater Exercise with an
African American History theme.

Don't forget to look at our Featured Story of the month shown below, The Great Rhyme Travel Machine II: African American Heroes, which also provides a platform for celebrating Black History Month and discussing relevant issues in your classroom.

Featured Free
"All About Reader's Theater"
For February

Build Test-Taking Skills
With a Mini-Script

(Image) Test Skills Exercise

Feature Story of the Month
Perfect For Black History Month!

(Image) Rhyme Travel 2 Cover

The Great Rhyme
Travel Machine II:

African American Heroes

An Original Playbook®

Content for Grades 3-6
Reading Stages 2-5

Written by: Gregory Brown
Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier

Story Synopsis:  

As Summersville students listen to their teacher, Miss Chalk, read from her long lost diary, they are deeply inspired. One entry, detailing the famous “I Have A Dream” speech, leaves twelve year old Kelly spellbound. Motivated to do something important, she decides to run for Sixth Grade Class President! Unfortunately, her drive is short lived. Realizing there’s never been a historical president with green eyes, dark skin and pretty long braids, she feels defeated. To keep their frustrated friend from dropping out of the election, Melinda and Marcus reactivate The Great Rhyme Travel Machine for some answers. What follows is a moving lesson that teaches kids what being a leader really means. Endearing childhood versions of George Washington Carver and Shirley Chisholm travel through time to motivate Kelly and her friends. This script not only promotes positive Character Education and Black History themes, but also mirrors the excitement of present day elections. Vote “YES” for another exciting adventure in rhyme!

(Image) BoundForPlymouth Character Pad

Click here to view summary and image of each character.

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