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It's time for our yearly holiday special! Playbooks® helps at the end of each year so you can order before the holiday break and have materials in hand for students to use in January. Act now during this exceptional opportunity before budgets get redirected or disappear!

For the month of December...

Use coupon code on your PO or
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Use coupon code on your PO or
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Happy Holidays From
Playbooks® Reader's Theater!

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Buy Playbooks® Before the Holidays to Get a Head Start on Goals for the New Year

Why Playbooks® are the Best Gift
You Can Give to Your Students:

  • Playbooks® aims to cure problems at any grade, in any subject, from within the literacy and reading enrichment sphere
  • Reading with expression is an underused but essential component for maximizing reading success, and students who display proper speech patterns when reading show better comprehension
  • Social interactive reading boosts self-esteem, motivation, and attention to learning ... and reader's theater is practically the only method (and the most fun!)
  • Playbooks® are the only reader's theater materials that combine multi-leveled roles with color-coded dialogue text and carefully balanced roles to be most effective at building reading fluency for all participants
  • Afterschool Today Magazine states that Playbooks® are "What Afterschool is Using"

Our products are available in a flexible variety of price ranges to fit your budget while offering the benefits of our unique format and expertly designed method of reader's theater.

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Featured Title:
Jacob's Magic Mittens,

a Miracle Story Perfect For Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

(Image) Jacob's Magic Mittens Book Cover
For Grades 4-8

Synopsis: Jacob's family is poor, and his life is hard, but this doesn't stop him from dreaming! He wishes his family didn't have to accept charity, and he desperately wants life to change. He feels ashamed and powerless. When he receives a pair of bright red, overly large hand-made mittens for his birthday, he only feels worse, but suddenly unexplained and strange things begin to happen! And when danger strikes, Jacob discovers he needs all the help he can get. Will the mysterious gift give Jacob the confidence to act before time runs out? This heartwarming story reminds readers of what is truly important when life is not going how you would choose. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you don't wish for!

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There's Still Time to Download
and Print this Holiday Script
to Read in the Classroom!

(Image) Story Illustration of Theo Turkey Pulling Santa's Sleigh on Christmas Eve
For Grades 3-5

This downloadable Playbook® will help your students have fun with Thanksgiving and Christmas ... all in one twist of a tale! The story is designed for six readers and covers an atypically wide span of reading levels (Stages 2-5) to allow multiple classes and grades to enjoy this script together and even take part in a performance! Remember that easier parts can also be read by older or higher level readers.

In this wacky script, A Turkey's Christmas Wish, Timmy the pet turkey is jealous that the Christmas holiday gets so much attention compared to Thanksgiving. Through a crazy chain of events and pure motivation, he learns to fly like his wild turkey cousins, and actually becomes the first turkey to pull Santa's sleigh alongside flying reindeer! Students will love chanting along with all of Santa's reindeer about the "real turkey" who learns to fly!

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to Download and Print For Only $7.95

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