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When it comes to successful literacy or reading programs, students need to be doing the reading, NOT the adults, and the students need to be reading aloud! There is no other way to truly know if students are reading or even hearing content unless you hear it come from their own mouths! And the only way students want to read aloud "repeatedly" is through role-play reading. Repetitive, expressive, oral reading is the secret to reading success and that success is the foundation of student achievement in any area.

Experts agree!

Read it Aloud!

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10 Reasons to Teach
Children to Read Aloud

  1. To enhance fluency.
  2. To strengthen comprehension
  3. To develop critical reading skills.
  4. To develop other important reading skills.
  5. To help struggling readers.
  6. To build confidence.
  7. To facilitate collaborative learning.
  8. To enable second language learners to make gains in English literacy.
  9. To share newly crafted abilities with others.
  10. To address national literacy standards.


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