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New Digital Story Pack
Only $34.99 for an
Entire Class!
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Try a Playbook® story with your entire class at the same time with this special Digital Story Pack!

This unique pack includes a DVD with a Playbook® story in PowerPoint format so you can project it on a wall or screen and involve all students in a choral role-play reading session. The pack also comes with the Take Center Stage® games cards that reinforce the learning of the story in a hugely fun way for students. And ... it comes with a sparkle microphone prop that teachers and students love!

Items included on the DVD are:
*Story in PDF Format (with permission
to print one Teacher copy)
*Story in PowerPoint Format
*Implementation Video
*Videos to show students
*Other PDF Documents
*Role Assignment Chart
*Teacher’s Guide
*Supplemental Activity Packet
*Game Instructions
*Performance Guide/Actor Tips
*Game Score Sheet
*7 Different Award Certificates

Click the flyer below and use the order form included. Or see the next article below to find out how you can receive a free one!

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Get Linked-in for
Professional Development
with Reader's Theater Methodology
(Meets over 50 Common
Core Standards)

$$$ - Workshop with Playbook® Reader's Theater Materials
Purchase your program materials along with the training session for your teachers to use with students throughout the school year.  (Multiple stories with 6 student copies per title)

$$ - Workshop Only 
Purchase a workshop for learning how to implement a variety of reader's theater materials that are available or for implementing.  (Playbooks® Reader's Theater materials purchased separately)

$ - Workshop on the Web - Online Webinar (free with kit purchase)  
Attend an interactive reader's theater workshop online, live or at a later date.

Interactive audience participation makes our on-site workshop fun and exciting. Participants also get hands-on experience assigning roles and actually performing a short reader's theater play right in the workshop in small non-threatening groups.

For webinar ordering options,
click here.


Professional Development
with Accountability

For a very small annual fee, we provide verification that your staff is watching a series of three webinars which comprise a full comprehension training. When they request a Training Certificate from us, our system shows us if they watched all three parts.

With these webinars being pre-recorded and available 24/7, this becomes an ideal method for training existing and new staff that come in throughout the year.


Getting Funding
for Reader's Theater

(Image) Grant Narrative

Download Our Grant Narratives for Title I or Afterschool Programs

Our Reader's Theater, Junior® Stories
are Now Available In PowerPoint for Extra Savings

Reader's Theater, Jr. is a unique series of ten important early childhood topic sets, each of which include one full length reader's theater story and five mini stories which are designed to be read first and help prepare young readers for the full length story (along with additional materials).

The five mini stories, called Mini Transition Books, each focus on a certain element of the main story in a much shorter format, and are designed to be read in a sequence over a series of class sessions that fits the attention span of emerging readers and builds learning. The teacher reads the Easel Book, then the Mini Transition Books, each aloud the first time through, and on subsequent readings the students will choral read selected parts, marked in a different colored text.

When the class has completed all five Mini Transition Books, they are ready to take specific roles (shared between two to three readers to maximize student confidence) in the full length story, called an Easel Book, and see what reader's theater is all about!

Now these powerful topic sets and all the supplemental materials are available on DVD and PowerPoint for extra savings

Image of Story on PowerPoint
In PowerPoint .... only $24.95 and you print all supplemental materials yourself - a savings of over $90. Click above order and select from the drop down menu, the Story in PowerPoint option.

Image of Reader's Theater Junior Kit

Printed Format $99 plus $15 to include
character props.

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Here's how:

By Purchase Order. Simply request ACH payment on your Purchase Order and include an email address so that we can send you the ACH Request
for Payment.

For Online orders: During checkout select Pay by Purchase Order and then put in the Notes Section you wish
to pay be Electronic Check.

Once your order ships, you'll receive a payment request from Intuit ACH payments by email with a link to pay your invoice by electronic check. You'll simply enter your Bank name, Transit Routing Number (TRN) and your checking account number. It's that easy!

Once you've paid your invoice with ACH and it clears (usually 1-3 days), we'll ship you your choice of Digital Story Pack. You can choose one from twelve different stories and varied age ranges.

Download Any Role Assignment Chart and Any Supplemental
Activity Packet
for Any Playbook® Story Here (even for Kits
with multiple stories)

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