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Set Students Free From
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Role-Play Reading
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Many students face "reader's block" as they struggle to become engaged in solitary textbook reading, which in turn affects their attitudes towards recreational reading. This is particularly true for students who have a lack of parental support at home.

Reader's theater offers an active, social reading experience that busts open reader's block! It often results in infectious laughter, making it an ideal strategy for helping bring out students' enthusiasm. Reader's theater also helps students to be able to visually see the story unfold, another aspect that tends to increase interest and comprehension. Scripts are available in a wide array of genres that will appeal to students.

Playbooks® Reader's Theater stories are carefully crafted to appeal to students with content and lessons they can easily relate to, and humor is always included to help put readers at ease with their peers and reach their expressive reading potential. Scripts are balanced for small groups so everyone gets to read regularly throughout the story, making the most of the social aspect of reader's theater. Engaged readers thrive by collaborating with others, and everyone grows from the shared learning experience!

Study Shows Reader's Theater
With Podcasting Maintains
Benefits and Enhances
Experiences for Title I Students

A study of third grade Title I readers has shown that structured reader's theater activities involving recorded reading sessions and "podcasts" yield results in line with previous studies. Students showed 1.33 years' growth in comprehension in 10 weeks, with some students making gains of up to 3 years! Over a third of students were struggling at the beginning of the program. The study states:

"Jessica, who started the year reading at a Kindergarten level, has caught up with her peers, and her reading is indistinguishable from the other on-level readers in her group"
(McLeod and Vasinda 2011).

Beyond the well-known and replicated benefits of reader's theater, the addition of podcasting added several additional features, such as preserving the activities permanently for future watching and learning, allowing for a wider-reaching audience and for more parents to view the performances, and use of recordings for visualization techniques.

See this helpful summary of the findings and applications, or read the entire study, available on JSTOR.

Satisfy Common Core Standards with Reader's Theater

(Image) Common Core State Standards Reader's theater meets nearly 50 objectives in the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy! Reference to drama is woven throughout the entire 66-page document, revealing reader's theater as applicable to sections addressing literature, language, fluency, and even writing. Per the elements in these standards, role-play reading is an activity spanning every corner of the subject!

Review the following excerpts from the Standards directly involving drama:
(These are just a few examples of many.)

* Describe how a narrator’s or speaker’s point of view influences how events are described (RL6.3).
* Analyze how particular lines of dialogue or incidents in a story or drama propel the action, reveal aspects of a character, or provoke a decision (RL 8.3).
* Apply grade 5 Reading standards to literature (e.g., “Compare and contrast two or more characters, settings, or events in a story or a drama, drawing on specific details in the text [e.g., how characters interact]”) (W 5.9).
* Compare and contrast the varieties of English (e.g., dialects, registers) used in stories, dramas, or poems) (L 5.3).

STEM Kit: Meet Academic Enrichment Goals
With This Compact and Powerful Reader’s Theater Tool!

For Grades 4-8 - (Includes 3 stories with 7-10 copies each
and 1 interactive technology game on CD - 24 books.)

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Includes: 7-10 copies of each title (based on number of characters per script), technology game on CD, supplemental activity sheets, Teacher Guide, Step-by-Step Implementation Packet, Instructional Implementation DVD, Recommended Reader Assignment Charts, and a free implementation webinar.

Planet Parade
Engineer It Out!
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
Take Center Stage™ Interactive Computer Game

Playbook® Stories Available in Spanish

(Image) The Bully Games Book Cover

Doing the Dinosaur Dip in Spanish
(Grades 1-3)

Rex T. Rex, Sammy Stegosaurus and Aria Allosaurus play in their own rock and roll band. Sammy and Aria keep telling Rex T. Rex that he needs to practice the band's new songs, but Rex seems to think he doesn't need practice. Rex would much rather watch TV and listen to his favorite rock star, Triple T. Triceratops. When the band performs at a sold-out show, will Rex be ready?

(Image) The Bully Games Book Cover

Soccer Stars in Spanish
(Grades 4-9)

Luis loves soccer, as does everyone in Mexico! But for Luis, it was his life, and his greatest dream was to someday play for Mexico in the World Cup. He believed he was the best player on the team, but no one else seemed to notice! His coach, his teacher, and everyone in town only seemed to be interested in Alejandro. Luis was jealous so Luis did something drastic to take the attention off Alejandro. But he caused more damage than he could have imagined and his envy was replaced with a horrible sense of guilt. How could the townspeople, and especially Alejandro, ever forgive him?


Playbooks® in Power Point Compatible With Interactive Whiteboard Technology
(Image) Playbooks in PowerPoint

Using Playbooks® in Power Point format on an interactive whiteboard can be a new, fun, and powerful way to implement reader’s theater in the classroom. It is great for use in any classroom setting: before school, after school, summer school, or any program you may be involved in! Aside from saving on paper, it can be easier for readers to follow along without having to struggle with flipping pages. It also allows for choral reading, in which groups of students share a reading role, often used with early, struggling, and non-readers. The interactive whiteboard allows for more collaboration and interaction between the students, as well as larger images to be displayed, to make reader's theater even more fun and engaging.

Do you have an interactive whiteboard, or are you considering purchasing one for your classroom? Click here to purchase Playbooks® in Power Point today.


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