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Month of the Military Child

(Image) The Month of the Military Child

April is the Month of the Military Child, recognized to honor these resilient kids. Children whose parents serve in the military have unique challenges growing up, from parent deployments to moving frequently. With these continual changes and adjustments, it is imperative that children of school age receive support from their communities and schools.

After School and child care organizations are in a position to help them develop into confident kids and adults with well directed educational, social, and recreational opportunities. Playbooks® materials are becoming very popular in such programs due to their power to boost self-esteem and social skills as a fun form of social interactive reading, as well as their benefits as a highly effective fluency builder.

Educators can do many things to show appreciation for what military children endure, including equipping them with the tools needed to cope and thrive, or just giving them a pat on the back and some encouragement! Playbooks® is providing a free certificate for distributing to students of military families to show appreciation. Download the Playbooks® Military Child Appreciation Certificate.

Free Playbooks® Expression
Exercise Packet

This month, Playbooks® is providing a free comprehensive, multi-step expression exercise packet which works as a stand-alone activity in dramatic performing arts or as an introduction to a reader's theater program.Each exercise included brings expressive reading practice to a new level ...
(Image) Student practicing one of the exercises.
Student practicing one of the exercises, which demonstrates how emphasizing different words in the same sentence can completely change its meaning.
Click on the photo to watch a demonstration video of this exercise.
...from watching examples, to reading in small table groups, to performing in front of the class!With gradual advances, students become comfortable reading aloud with emotion and character! Download the Free Playbooks® Expression Exercise Packet
(Image) Danielle Rush, winner of our free BOOST registration give away
Danielle Rush,
winner of our BOOST
Registration Giveaway!

BOOST Conference Registration
Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Danielle Rush, the winner of our free registration for the Best of Out-of-School Time Conference (BOOST) in Palm Springs April 25-28! Danielle is the Student Activities Director at Orange County Educational Arts Academy in Santa Ana, CA.

Danielle shares, "I was so excited to hear I won the BOOST registration because due to budget cuts I was not going to be able to attend. After I saw the list of great speakers that will be there this year, it seemed like the best yet! So I was so blue that I would have to miss it. So when Playbooks called and told me I had won, it made my day!”
Celebrate and Educate For Earth Day 2012
With a "Great Rhyme Travel Machine" Adventure!

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Observe Earth Day (April 22) in the classroom by adding The Great Rhyme Travel Machine III: Saving Planet Earth to your reader's theater or reading curriculum. This awesome song that inspires kids to help our planet accompanies the story. The story and song include specific activities kids and their parents can do that match the goals of Earth Day. View story details here or see our feature story section below!

A message from Playbooks® Kids!
"We know that we’re just kids,
but we want to save the earth!
We’re here to spread the message,
telling people what it's worth.
So listen to our song,
as we spell it out for you,
and we hope you'll want to be
a greener person, too!"

G is for thinking Globally
R is for Recycling
E is for the Energy you have inside
E is for Every drop of water you conserve
N is for your Neighbors to pass on
the global dream

Feature Story of the Month

(Image) Bound For Plymouth Cover

The Great Rhyme Travel
Machine III:
Saving Planet Earth

An Original PlaybooStory

Content for Grades 3 - 6
Reading Stages 2 - 5

Written by: Gregory Brown
Illustrated by: Liliane Grenier

Synopsis:  Miss Chalk’s elementary students are about to become true caretakers of Planet Earth. They’re in route to their very first ocean field trip! Twins, Melinda and Marcus, along with their best friend Kelly, can hardly wait! Following close behind their activity bus is Mr. Scrubit, the school custodian. His old pickup truck carries a special surprise…courtesy of Miss Chalk. However, things do not go as planned. Upon arrival to their destination, the classmates discover that the beach has been trashed. Marcus witnesses more disrespectful visitors tossing garbage on the sand, and he is disappointed. To renew his faith in saving the planet, Miss Chalk reveals a secret: The Great Rhyme Travel Machine and the silver rhyme book are close at hand! Excitement escalates when childhood versions of Rachel Carson and John Denver are transported through time to the present. Motivating the kids with their talents and knowledge, the two nature lovers also get a peek at their own historic legacies!

Using dialogue filled with Science and Social Studies themes, this script teaches a valuable lesson on practical ways kids can help our planet. Filled with meaningful rhymes and a catchy new song, it will have readers “Going Green” with pride! Story set includes an entertaining and educational DVD with on-screen lyrics to help students learn the song, "I'm Going Green." Also meet the author, illustrator, and singer!

(Image) Rhyme Travel  Characters
Click here to view summary and image of each character.

April Special

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Featured Free
"All About Reader's Theater"

For April

Creating Earth Day
Themed Reader's Theater
For Fluency and Building Community Citizenship

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