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Camp Reader's Theater Kits
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Set the Stage for Summer
Reading Gain
With Reader's Theater

Research by the National Summer Learning Association shows that Repeated Guided Oral Reading (RGOR) is the only proven method of avoiding summer reading loss. Role-play reading with multi-leveled reader's theater is an approved form of RGOR that can create summer reading gain for most students! With our specialized reader's theater materials, students of different ages read the same story aloud together and become guides for each other. Students can achieve tremendous growth with reader's theater .... a year's growth in reading skills in 10 weeks, with struggling readers gaining as much as two years!

Read more about the benefits of reader's theater in academic and/or out of school programs in this article published by AfterSchool Today magazine.

Celebrate Earth Day With
The Great Rhyme Travel Machine III: Saving Planet Earth

*If the video does not play, install Windows Media Player.

Observe Earth Day (April 22) in the classroom by adding The Great Rhyme Travel Machine III: Saving Planet Earth to your reader's theater or reading curriculum. This awesome song that inspires kids to help our planet accompanies the story. The story and song include specific activities kids and their parents can do that match the goals of Earth Day. View story details and purchasing information here.

"We know that we’re just kids,
but we want to save the earth!
We’re here to spread the message,
telling people what it's worth.
So listen to our song,
as we spell it out for you,
and we hope you'll want to be
a greener person, too!"
Free Activity: Incorporate Physical Motion With
Reader's Theater to Build Neural Pathways

Spring is here and temperatures are rising ... it's time to let your students burn off some energy outdoors! (Don't worry, if you're still stuck with snow, this fun activity can also be done indoors.)

Playbooks® suggests this rhyming reader's theater and basketball-dribbling activity, featured in How Sandy Got Her Spin, which synchronizes movement and sports with reading in a technique known as "brain gym." Incorporating physical movement boosts brain power by increasing blood flow and reinforcing neural pathways. It also helps students to relax, which is very important for struggling readers who may be nervous about practicing their skills.

Download the Free Exercise

(Image) Brain Gym Sandy Spin Activity

Fitness, Sports, and Role-play Reading Fun

Sports are a favorite topic for boys and girls alike, and Playbooks® has a wide selection of sports and fitness themed scripts to inspire a healthy, active lifestyle. Browse our range of sports and exercise stories below!

My Wide World of Sports - Gr. 3-6 (swimming, Taekwondo, running,
soccer, dancing)

The Baseball Equation
- Gr. 4-6 (baseball)
How Sandy Got Her Spin
- Gr. 4-8 (basketball/basketball handling)
A Snail's Pace Race
- Gr. 4-8 (long-distance running)
Ana Conda - Gr. 4-8 (ballet)
Soccer Stars - Gr. 4-9 (soccer)
Surfing at Sunrise - Gr. 6-9 (surfing)

(Image) My Wide World of Sports Illustration
In My Wide World of Sports, Michael's athletic friends
inspire him to leave his sedentary ways behind
and excel at swimming!

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